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I've seen the needle and the damage done.......

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  • jefftron3000
    Hi everyone, Got back from Vancouver a few days back. I love that city!. No biking though, so it was kind of torture. Went for my brothers wedding. Richard
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 26, 2006
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      Hi everyone,

      Got back from Vancouver a few days back. I love that city!. No biking though,
      so it was kind of torture. Went for my brothers wedding.

      Richard said...

      "First off thanks for these amazing posts and ideas. Im interested in
      making my own stuff too and you have given me a bunch of great ideas."

      I'm glad to share my ideas with like minded people and think that anyone
      interested in making their own gear should give it a try. It is highly rewarding
      to make things yourself. It can be a challenge sometimes, and somehow
      world economics make it possible to have items made and shipped from
      halfway around the globe, and still cost less than the retail price of materials,
      most of the time in the States, but things you make yourself have a sense of
      worth all their own. That said.... I would hope that anyone reading these posts
      who has similar business aspirations, or works for an existing company, will
      exercise integrity in regards to my designs.

      about frame bags...

      "The only way I can see this working is if you remove the cages and
      miscellaneous hardware in the triangle to make room for the bag."

      Yep, that's the idea. remove all the cages and hardware and replace it with a

      "Do you imagine a waterproof bag inside the bottom compartment or do
      you imagine stuffing the bottom compartment with water bottles? Since
      your legs are pretty much in the way, is access to the two compartments
      an off bike operation or can you widen your knees out and get to the
      compartments while pedaling (this is assuming clipless pedals so your
      feet are stuck unless you get off the bike)."

      I imagine the bottom compartment, in a frame bag designed for a horizontal
      top-tubed bike, to be for any dense, heavier items that fit well in the space.
      This would mainly be for items that would not be necessary to access while
      riding. The top compartment is for items you wish to get at quickly. On my
      mountain bike, with a slopping top tube and one comparment, I can open the
      bag and get at the contents easily while riding. I don't have to move my knees
      out of the way any more than I do for bottle cages.

      "I think I saw the pictures on MTBR but I don't think there were any pics
      of someone actually on the bike using the bags."

      Sorry, no good photos of the gear in use, yet. I've been making stuff like this,
      for myself, for a few years and using it on some rides in the Sierras. All my
      photos were taken with a cheap disposable camera for weight and
      convenience. I've recently acquired some skills with a digital camera, but it
      has been while recovering from three knee surgeries (hence, all the sewing).
      I've been back on the bike for about two months now, so I'll start doing some
      short tours and getting some good photos soon. Just got a Monocog 29er I'm
      decking out for bikepacking. I post photos when it's done.

      on handlebar bags.....

      " In trying to imagine this Im thinking it might be a T with a long top and
      short descender. Is there any physical difference between the T being
      mounted under the bars and the bag hung off the T vs. the T structure
      integrated into the bag and mounted to the bars."

      The difference being that not integrating the mounting bracket into the bag
      allows me to make it of lighter fabrics, since I don't have to worry about the
      mount tearing out, and the same bag could be used without the mounting
      bracket if your setup allowed it.

      other thoughts.....

      Beyond being busy trying to get everything set up with Carousel Design
      Works and life in general, I just took a part time job at the local awning
      business (can you say "full access to an industrial sewing and welding shop"
      boys and girls?), so I apologize if it sometimes takes me awhile to respond to
      messages right now.

      Happy Trails!

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