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CASSETTE VAN ANTWERPEN saturday, 22/02/2014, 8pm sharp Ultra Eczema presentsCASSETTE VAN ANTWERPENAntwerpian compilation tape presentation at Les Ateliers Claus in Brussels,with live
Dennis Tyfus
Feb 17
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VEILED + LAURENT CARTUYVELS AT STADSLIMIET TONIGHT tonight, 8pmVEILED(esp/usa, new beat copy centre) LAURENT CARTUYVELS(be, no beats in a circle of 567 km) at stadslimiet, ernest van dijckkaai 4,
Dennis Tyfus
Nov 28, 2013
MARK DURGAN + SPOILS & RELICS at TRUCK STOP finissage in ghent on su TRUCK STOP FINISSAGEwork by Karl Philips & Dennis Tyfus live shows byMARK DURGAN(uk, putrifier)SPOILS & RELICS(uk, cut up uppercut) presentation of ultra
Dennis Tyfus
Nov 2, 2013
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NUSLUX and DSR LINES tonight at stadslimiet!! 9/9/2013 8pm at stadslimiet, ernest van dijckkaai 4 in antwerpNUSLUX (fin, roope of LAL LAL LAL records on synths, tape decks etc, seems like the fruit ate
Dennis Tyfus
Sep 9, 2013
2 shows at stadslimiet in antwerp this week! wednesday august 7/ 2013 8pm LICKER(usa, john schoen playing dripping batteries, member of PENGO) FINKBEINER(usa, jason finkbeiner drooling over a guitar,
Dennis Tyfus
Aug 6, 2013
summer mix for dich hi alli've made a summer mix for jan matthé's Für Dich website.u can hear it here:http://www.fuerdichverlag.com/mixes/ all the bestdennis
Dennis Tyfus
Jul 17, 2013
SAMARA LUBELSKI and FAST MOVING PICNIC at stadslimiet! sunday 21st of july, 2013, 8pm SAMARA LUBELSKI(usa, solo violin set) FAST MOVING PICNIC(be, first ever solo show by saar van de leest, of tip toe topic and a
Dennis Tyfus
Jul 16, 2013
JAMAIXA MARSHAL (miles of dream house), SNORRI ASMUNDSSON and SIGTRY friday 24/05/2013 8pm JAMAIXA MARSHAL (usa, last minute addition!!! king of annoytainment, member of boston´s DREAMHOUSE, miles the humungusman) SNORRI
Dennis Tyfus
May 22, 2013
20/05/2013 at stadslimiet in antwerp monday 20 may 2013 8pm ASIAN WOMEN ON THE TELEPHONE (russian kostumfilm no wave performance punk blubber!) OMNIVORE (usa, someone making phonecalls through a
Dennis Tyfus
May 15, 2013
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if u happen to be in milan on friday night come by http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZ3aWv8y6ys
Dennis Tyfus
May 2, 2013
mss meesterd basement party ultra eczema presents MSS MEESTERD BASEMENT PARTYfri, 26/04/2013, 9pm at THEATER ZUIDPOOL, lange noordstraat 11, antwerp To celebrate the release of the 12th
Dennis Tyfus
Apr 22, 2013
daniel higgs and joachim badenhorst tonight at stadslimiet in antwer tonihg, 8pm, at stadslimiet, ernest van dijckkaai 14 in antwerp DANIEL HIGGS (usa, a better story teller than George Van Cauwenbergh, a banjo/vocal and jew
Dennis Tyfus
Apr 3, 2013
ultra eczema´s lenteviering ultra eczema celebrates spring with: ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• live shows
Dennis Tyfus
Mar 18, 2013
rei hayama fragment hi allu can listen to a fragment of the upcoming one sided lp by japanese film maker REI HAYAMA on ultra eczema
Dennis Tyfus
Mar 13, 2013
mss meesterd issue 10 MSS MEESTERD issue 10 was made in Vienna and on the Rigi mountain in swiss and will be presented sunday 27-1-2013, between 3 and 6 pm. mss meesterd is a
Dennis Tyfus
Jan 26, 2013
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FW: Für Dich Verlag presents Scheinbewegungen this friday 11.1.! Hello! A short mail to inform you that Für Dich Verlag will present a brand new publication this friday 11.1.13, 8pm at Antwerp's Stadslimiet:
    Dennis Tyfus
    Jan 10, 2013
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    de letterleggers at stadslimiet in antwerp! thursday 13/12/2012 8pm DE LETTERLEGGERS(be, Iwan Verhulst and Raphael Vandeputte create drawings, machines and a racket with a mountain of big and smaller
    Dennis Tyfus
    Dec 10, 2012
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    andré vida + Adam Asnan/Pauwel De Buck/Patrick Thinsy trio at stads ANDRE VIDA (hun/usa, saxophonist, alien vocalist and collaborator with elton john and anthony braxton) Adam Asnan/Pauwel De Buck/Patrick Thinsy trio (uk/be
    Dennis Tyfus
    Dec 5, 2012
    FLORIS VANHOOF + MSS MEESTERD issue sk8 on saturday at lls387 saturday november 17, 2012 8pm. FLORIS VANHOOF(be, synth builder, echo maniac, film maker and volksmenner) + ultra eczema presents a new issue of the monthly
    Dennis Tyfus
    Nov 15, 2012
    PAUL DE VREE SYMPOSIUM and GOODIEPAL / VAAST COLSON performances tod 10/11/2012 all day today, from 10 on: symposium on visual / concrete / sound poet PAUL DE VREE at letterenhuis in
    Dennis Tyfus
    Nov 9, 2012
    FORWARD IN TIME opening on saturday also, DOOMSDAY STUDENT (ex arab on radar) will play as well on saturday.
      Dennis Tyfus
      Oct 30, 2012
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        Dennis Tyfus
        Oct 10, 2012
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        BAUDOUIN OOSTERLYNCK & JASON LESCALLEET at stadslimiet friday 12/oct/2012 8pm BAUDOUIN OOSTERLYNCK(be, demonstrating some of his "luitserobjecten") JASON LESCALLEET(usa, tape loop confusor, A huge guy, clearly a
        Dennis Tyfus
        Oct 10, 2012
        BRUISMELK FESTIVAL 15/09/2012 7pm yearly ultra eczema festival with: SVEN-AKE JOHANSSON (swe, changing phonebooks, komkommers, cardboards etc into instruments!)
        Dennis Tyfus
        Sep 10, 2012
        MSS MEESTERD issue 3 & 4 hi allultra eczema will present 2 new issues of the monthly zine MSS MEESTERD, tomorrow evening, 8pm at BAR RICHART, a rather new bar at stadswaag in antwerp!a
        Dennis Tyfus
        Aug 3, 2012
        ALVARIUS B and BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, last ever show at gunther hi allsad and stoked to anounce the last show at our space, GUNTHER, in the centre of antwerp.we're looking for a new and probably much different space to
        Dennis Tyfus
        Jun 25, 2012
        ORPHAN FAIRYTALE + STACKS thursday 14-06-2012 8pm at gunther (oudaan 15, space 33 in antwerp, belgium) ORPHAN FAIRYTALE(stuck in a tiny yorld where bears turn into clouds and vise
        Dennis Tyfus
        Jun 13, 2012
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        15 years ultra eczema (part one) 15 years ultra eczema (part one)an event in 15 parts thursday 31-may-2012, 8pm TAZARTEZ GHEDALIA - CHRIS CORSANO - DENNIS TYFUS(fr-usa-be tape
        Dennis Tyfus
        May 28, 2012
        MSS MEESTERD 1 zine presentation and icelandic invasion at gunther! this wednesday 25-04-20128pm performances by SNORRI ASMUNDSSON(iceland, awkwardness, looking for a dead body to dance with, running for president in iceland
        Dennis Tyfus
        Apr 23, 2012
        KEITH FULLERTON WHITMAN and REMÖRK @ gunther in antwerp tuesday 17 april, 2012 8pm KEITH FULLERTON WHITMAN (usa, a beard full of analog synths, "ex" hrvatski, and purveyor of enjoyable madness via mimaroglu music
        Dennis Tyfus
        Apr 15, 2012
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