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Re: [ukusa_gateway] Re: Baud Rate of Gateway for Cbus PC interface

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  • Kevin Hawkins
    Sorry - missed this - I should have responded a while back... ... This is a useful way to reboot the gateway remotely provided you can still get at HV of
    Message 1 of 11 , Mar 24, 2009
      Sorry - missed this - I should have responded a while back...

      Wilkinson, Ben wrote:
      > I do like your idea, Paul, of using an output to control the power to
      > the gateway so during upload you don't have to be there.
      This is a useful way to reboot the gateway remotely provided you can
      still get at HV of course. There aren't any firmware bugs that I'm aware
      of that do hang the gateway, are there ? I could add a feature to
      accomplish this via xAP as well.

      Hopefully now in betas since b21 you can upload schedules and the
      gateway will restart and resynch automatically. I haven't yet posted
      this beta as an upgrade although some recent gateways have this
      preloaded. It's simply a testing thing so if anyone wants the most
      recent beta then just ask...

      I have never got to the bottom of what aspect causes HV to hang when
      uploading. According to CSI nothing could cause this but I too have seen
      it happen. Again in the recent beta I think this has gone away so all
      should be good. HV can also now have a flags cretaed to show that it
      is happily talking to the gateway and C-Bus.
      > I doubt I'll ask for many features - I haven't got time to use the
      > ones I've got, but I did want to know (Kevin) if I can use the gateway
      > to read the temperature sensors I've had in my rooms for ages. I've
      > never got these to work using the direct access that I got off the
      > CBus forum.
      Supporting tracking of non lighting applications on C-Bus isn't what the
      gateway was designed for. You have to elect which C-Bus applications to
      receive data from and aslo HV hasn't enough space to handle more than 1
      application That's not to say it can't be done and maybe something I'll
      look into when I get a free moment. I was also put off by what seemed
      to be limited sensitivity on the temperature resolution i'm not sure if
      the C-Bus thermostats improve on this. In my setup I'm using 1-wire temp
      > Also noticed that a Cbus 'on' command seems to be sent every time
      > movement in a room is detected, even if the light is already on. Is
      > this the way it works, or does it work like X10 on HV which only sends
      > a command if the light (etc) is in a different state than the command?
      The C-Bus PIR's do send an on command every time - they don't themselves
      track the state of the target group and adjust accordingly... that
      shouldn't cause any issues though does it ?

      In C-Bus parlance the 0 level is always off and any other level is on so
      this is consistent. In xAP and HV it's different as 0 can be on. Within
      HV this is an X10 legacy. On xAP level and state are totally decoupled
      ie level 123 could be off. This allows preset dim levels to be set and
      then later a light be turned 'on' at that level.

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