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671Re: Fwd: Fw: [ukusa_gateway] Taken a few steps backwards!

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  • Kevin Hawkins
    Dec 1, 2012
      The gateway isn't able to see the C-Bus PCI interface  (the data that it returns) but it is able to send data to it.       I have guests here at the moment but I'll respond tomorrow - it's likely I'll have to get the gateway back here though..  I still need to check you have the right jumper settings which I'll look at in the morning.


      On 01/12/2012 18:50, Ben Wilkinson wrote:

      I also meant to say that I’m in Bristol




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      Hi Kevin,


      I’ve been doing some testing and here are the results.


      See below for my responses.






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      From what you say it's pretty difficult to determine if your gateway was ever receiving C-Bus status information.    What I'm slightly concerned about is that the gateway can't even read the C-Bus RS232 PCI configuration - regardless of being able to receive C-Bus information..    and I worry now that the current update may lock out your licences. 

      ISTR way back when you originally received the gateway you mentioned a similar issue and I created some newer firmware that improved the synch and that fixed it.  Did you update your gateway with those firmware builds and did it fix the issue for you then ? 

      [Ben]  What happened originally was that there was an intermittent problem with the gateway’s IP communication, so that it would only work when I touched the network cable.   You replaced the board and it has been fine ever since (at least for what I’ve done so far).

      I may be confusing this with someone else as we talked through C-Bus topology / burden issues and the latter would only be relevant if you were using a SIM (because Toolkit is working for you)..  Reagrdless it may be that a firmware update would fix this...

      Can you still do the exercise in letting me know if the gateway status page updates when you change something on C-Bus ..  You will need to use .Firefox or Chrome , not sure about Safari - might be OK.    IE doesn't work,as  it appends page updates.

      [Ben] What seems to happen is that if I control a group with HV (ie direct control from the PC or via programming), then the status icons on the CBus page are updated correctly.   The icons are grey until this happens.  It seems to have worked for all of the groups I’ve done this level of control for.  


      However, if I change the light status manually (ie via a switch), then there is no change.  The CBus page and so all those we’ve been doing manually stay greyed out – or if I have controlled them via HV, stay reflecting the last state that HV controlled them to.  The same effect happens if I trigger a scene via HV – the CBus page doesn’t change.   As all of the circuits in the big room with the DLT and Saturn control are only controlled this way, they stay greyed out.   Most of them I haven’t even named in HV, but those few that I do, react fine when set individually via HV.   But they don’t update if switched via a scene or manually. 


      This is the reason I can’t see any of the switch pressings via the X10 HV page I guess.


      It still gives 0 Sim ID and status d: CB ID.


      Does this help?



      Where are you based - are you in the UK ?



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