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650RE: [ukusa_gateway] DLT and Saturn Scenes in the Gateway

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  • Ben Wilkinson
    Nov 25, 2012

      I’ve been doing some more work on this today.


      Have seen how to add an action trigger via Toolkit.   I set up the Trigger Group to be 0 on a Saturn switch I’m using .   Then set the secondary application to be Trigger Control (I don’t know if this is necessary).

      I set up a couple of scenes with Action selectors corresponding to the Scene number (ie 1, 2, 3  etc).  


      Then I set up a custom light with address 0 (to correspond to the Trigger group) and Extra Data 202 (for trigger control).  Then I set the level on this light at either levels 1, 2 or 3 depending which scene I wanted to select. 


      Anyway, it doesn’t work, so obviously I’m doing something wrong.   I do notice that on the HV ‘home’ menu logging, the command sent this way hardly varies from one sent to a standard light, although I can see the level changing on this log.  HV shows something like




      when commands are sent from the Light Control menu.

      Normal lights show as



      Any pointers as to what I’m doing wrong here?





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      Thanks for this Kevin.


      I’ve read up on triggering, though not sure I understand it entirely yet.  


      I see that Triggering uses a different application (202 as far as I can tell), so does this mean I set up a light with 202 as ‘extra data’ in HV?   If so, how do I get the gateway to send the correct trigger for each scene?   I guess it’s made up of the group address somehow, but also needs something to reference the scene number in the DLT or Saturn switch.   Is there s! omething which documents this?  


      Thanks again




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        < o>

      The gateway doesn't effectively care or know about scenes. It tracks
      and controls the 256 groups within the lighting (56) application. It
      can additionally control groups on other C-Bus applications that use the
      same lighting protocol but it doesn't tracks their states. So you
      can happily use C-Bus native scenes.

      Scenes are just a collection of group states that are triggered by
      'something' and that is normally a group on the trigger application
      being set to a specific level (action). The scenes are stored somewhere
      else on the C-Bus network typically in a scene capable light switch or a
      touchscreen / Wiser. Larger scenes can be spread across multiple devices.

      HV can issue these trigger commands via the getaway as can a button on
      a C-Bus switch. The gateway however doesn't report the changes on the
      trigger application but it does of course report the ! resulting lighting
      group changes. There is no reason you have to use the trigger
      application to invoke the scene although it is tidier as that is it's
      role. You could trigger scenes from lighting group changes should you


      On 22/11/2012 15:17, bensbarn2001 wrote:
      > Hi (Kevin),
      > Long time no post, but I've finally got around to adding another room to our house and it's got about 20 lighting circuits. So setting up pseudo 'scenes' in HV will likely run into buffer overflow situations. Therefore I wanted to know if the Gateway does currently support scenes programmed onto Saturn and DLT switches. I've looked at the documentation I have and also old messages in this forum, but can't see anything specific, but sorry if this is a repeat question.
      > Regards,
      > Ben
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