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Ukuleles For Peace Newsletter Oct,+ NOV 2008,,Olympics 2010 for UFP???

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  • paul moore
    Ukuleles For Peace Newsletter Late Oct,+ NOV 2008 Olympics 2010 for UFP??? Greetings . News letter is late coming this month. During Sept and early October I
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      Ukuleles For Peace Newsletter Late Oct,+ NOV 2008

      Olympics 2010 for UFP???

      Greetings .

      News letter is late coming this month. During Sept and early October I
      was away traveling, playing, and raising awareness re UFP.

      I will spare you the details of my many sojourns and get straight down
      to the News here at UFP:

      The most amazing news came from my visit to Vancouver where I had
      meetings with the Children’s Festival organizer and the 2010 Winter
      Olympic Games who both love what we are doing and want to bring the
      Orchestra over for the Winter Olympics Festivities. This is early days
      and a lot has to be done of course … While in Vancouver I was also
      hosted by Ralph Shaw and put on a One man band show ( collecting trash
      to build instruments b4) and giving a talk on UFP.

      Its been a wonderfully productive time. We have had great support coming
      from Italy, Canada and The USA. Our friends in Italy Daniela and Mimmo
      at Aquilla strings in Vicenza http://www.aquilacorde.com/home1.htm have
      been supporting us by not only supplying their wonderful strings but
      also selling and distributing the UFP Cds raising so far almost $500....

      I plan to be over Next year at the 2^nd Ukulele Festival they will be
      having in July , and maybe one day we will be able to get the UFP
      Orchestra performing there as well.

      In Canada there was a impromptu Ukulele Festival in Edmington that
      raised, I have been told $900. I have been informed that the Bellingham
      Ukulele Group in Washington state raised $1200 at their James Hill
      Concert for UFP. This is the best couple of months we have experienced
      during our time of raising funds , and coming on the back of a Financial
      Crunch. This is indeed good news.

      I am happy to say that we are starting New groups for the younger kids
      in both communities , by juggling 2 existing groups into one and I will
      continue to have the older kids round at home for practices and cookie
      eating on Tuesday evenings. The week is busy with Teaching all day
      Mondays in both schools; Tuesday evenings at Home and Orchestra
      rehearsals on Thursday evenings every other week alternating between the
      two schools.

      Daphna’s report:

      One of the mothers, Adi, offered and conducted a meeting of the senior
      orchestra’s mothers and some more women last Friday.

      The goal of the meeting was to get to know one another better and
      improve communication between mothers of both communities, as we started
      our 5^th year and we all felt it was time to jump a level.

      It was a very moving, intimate meeting.

      The women talked about their reasons for being in the project, the
      importance of the project to them, their families and their kids and
      inhibitions, fears and how to overcome them. We acknowledged that what
      we are doing is a process but we feel that we have the ability to create
      a change and we are doing it.

      The women are going to meet regularly.

      Next meeting is in a couple of weeks.

      We also discussed spontaneous visits at one another and meetings on a
      small scale between adults and young in the project.

      We intend to have a similar meetings for the orchestra in which they
      will talk about their expectations, fears, successes, etc and encourage
      play meetings between groups of 4 outside the orchestra.

      Back to Paul:

      As we enter our 5^th year I realize that “ Small is Beautiful” and our
      growth has been slow but steady . I have learned a lot in these years
      and feel very confident that we not only are making a difference in co
      existence work here locally, but also there is need for this project to
      grow and spread. We feel very strongly about it especially in the view
      of the last violent events in Acre, last month between Jews and Arabs.

      There is no doubt we lack PR as it is very hard to get Media coverage.
      It seems Blood is still the key to coverage of the Middle East unlike
      halting the flow of it.

      How do we go about getting the right media coverage ??

      Any suggestions or help out there? Maybe you could contact your local
      news media and suggest they cover UFP?

      Meanwhile I will continue to take the message on my travels as much as I
      can . The Orchestra will be playing in the coming months at planed
      events at dual nationality schools; a conference at the Bar Ilan
      University about conflict solving and dialog, The holidays of holidays (
      during the time of Id El Adcha, Chanuka and Christmas) and more.

      Other News :Al of Ukulele Hunt http://ukulelehunt.com/ is working on an
      electronic song book to be sold for donations to UFP

      UFP Book and Comp CD that I had shelved, well several dear friends
      especially Steve in Seattle have encouraged me to move on these projects
      so I will try and find a regular time to invest on them. .

      UKEs for Parents!!!: Parents here have been asking me if I could start
      an Adult group, time of course is at premium, but I ask myself why not?
      I hope to get it up and running should a solid core of Mums and Dads
      sign up.

      If you have not yet seen the UFP Video on U Tube, made by Mathias.
      Please go to UFP web site for links to it http://ukulelesforpeace.com/
      and send your friends the link and tell them to spread it about. Who
      knows who may see it and the more the better?

      It is in two parts 10 mins each.

      I hope to be putting more UFP videos up soon as well as some of my *one
      man band and*washboard wizards which should be found under Paul Moore + *

      Dave Wasser is keeping up his good work on our web page

      As I was away a lot this summer I may have missed out some other great
      things that have been happening, so remind me if I have left YOU out or
      if you are planning to do something on behalf of UFP>

      Please contact me if you need more info on UFP and are able to arrange
      venues where I can perform and /or promote the work we are doing . I
      travel several times a year and could possibly fit it in.

      Donations and CD purchases at the UFP site via Paypal.
      http://ukulelesforpeace.com/ or contact me for alternatives.

      Thanks for your time pass this on if you wish.

      All previous news letters are up at the yahoo site

      Much aloha, shalom, and salaam,
      Paul Moore and the UFP Tribe. http://ukulelesforpeace.com/
      Phone 00972 (0)97457287 e mail is pdmoore@...
      Yahoo Group is
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