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Re: [ukpbm] re. Mark's list of potential MSO contacts

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  • John Harrington
    In message , Alex Bardy writes ... As I believe Mark has mentioned elsewhere, he regularly
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 24 3:47 PM
      In message <003701c0cc1e$9a94c4a0$5a44073e@alexbard>, Alex Bardy
      <alex@...> writes
      >23rd April 2001
      > I couldn't help thinking that surely Mark Stretch's MSO list of prospective
      >postal games players as mentioned in Digests 272 & 273 could be used as a kind
      >of 'bombing run' for Postal Games Starter Packs - nothing too drastic, just a
      >short note/leaflet about the postal games hobby, a suitably short note
      >apologising for invading their privacy but at the same time noting their
      >interest in playing boardgames from their attendance at the MSO, and about 3 or
      >4 sample zines (preferably including a few that have got some postal rules in
      >them). Also, if you can get a stack of rulebooks from Richard Smith (his
      >excellent 52-page SMEG rulebook), perhaps these should be included in the
      >package as well.

      As I believe Mark has mentioned elsewhere, he regularly provides me with
      names and addresses of "faces" from the MSO and they have all received
      the Hobby starter pack.

      > How much is this going to cost John Harrington? I've no idea to be honest,
      >but if you give me a vague idea, John, I'll bung you up to £20 to help pay for
      >some of the mailing costs. My email address is alex@... and if you
      >provide me with the list, I'll ensure they're sent a copy of the next Waiting
      >List Update as soon as it's out too (I'm putting one together for Mango #25
      >which is about two months away).

      I'm happy to swallow the cost of such things. I reckon I get over £100
      worth of free zines a year as a result of running Mission From God so
      such expenses merely offset the perks.

      > Anything else I can do to help, just ask?

      Well, you could stop using the word "methinks" quite so prodigiously in
      your zine but apart from that you are doing a top-hole job, methinks.
      > On a separate note John - I'll send you a batch of reviews for inclusion in
      >the next Mission From God if you want, but do you want me to list the games
      >played, waiting lists open, etc. bits as well? Not a big deal, but just wanted
      >to check...
      Just the review will be fine. I can get the editors themselves to do
      the laborious bit.

      John Harrington
      Fiendish Board Games - makers of Breaking Away, Office Politics and Traffic
      Lights (with The Metric Mile on its way!)

      New Improved URL: www.fbgames.co.uk
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