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Re: [ukpbm] MSO 2001

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  • Danny Collman
    In message , John Harrington writes ... I realise that it s now persona non
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 29, 2000
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      In message <iUW0H6Au3Lz5IwJi@...>, John Harrington
      <johnh@...> writes
      >In message <000e01c02546$882776c0$5a35893e@oemcomputer>, Mark Stretch
      ><Mark@...> writes
      >>I've been asked to run the "Play new games" section at the next Mind Sports
      >>Olympiad. Any suggestions for games to educate them with? Settlers? Lost
      >>Cities? Acquire? Any other ideas?
      >> Mark
      >Samurai would be my nomination. Essentially an abstract game, fairly
      >easy to learn the rules in quick time, little luck and a bugger to win

      I realise that it's now persona non grata, but how about 'Mississippi'
      (not "*** Queen")
      Danny Collman
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