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  • Wightman, Mark, WIGHTMM
    From: Chris M. Dickson ... Refugee Rescue Scheme. If you re in a pro PBM game, and it folds dirtily, there are some firms which
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 5, 1999
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      From: "Chris M. Dickson" <chris@...>

      >>One idea, used in Flagship, which seems to work reasonably well, is the
      Refugee Rescue Scheme. If you're in a pro PBM game, and it folds
      dirtily, there are some firms which will give you free credit to the
      value of your loss in one of their games, so long as you haven't played
      with them before. (Most firms only cover the first ten pounds lost, but
      others cover the whole loss.) Might it be worth informally implementing
      such a scheme, with appropriate restrictions so that it's only people
      who would otherwise be lost to the hobby who take advantage? Granted, it
      transfers a huge burden onto the editors who will give free credit to
      their 'zine away for no reward, but the benefit in terms of non-specific
      warm fuzziness for the hobby at large might be worthwhile. I would have
      thought that it would be a suitable project for the HDF to fund.

      Happens already on an unofficial basis. Stephen did it with U-bend. I did it
      with the players in one of Gihan's games (allthough how a free zine can have
      a dirty fold is an interesting question). Plus for the games I've blagged
      from ALOS and OMR, I waive my 'no subscription=no game' rule and will send
      adjudications on flyers to anybody who really doesn't want my worthless rag.
      So far only Keith Hiscox has taken me up and he dropped out straight away -
      which is gratitude for you..

      >Referring to Flagship, one idea I have mooted in the past would be to
      use a Flagship SuperCoupon (token given to new FS subscribers entitling
      them to ten pounds' free credit with a firm they haven't played with
      before, in the hope that the first bite of the apple will hook them)
      for, say, two five-pound subs with two different zines. This is again a
      big financial hit for the editors, bearing in mind that five pounds
      worth of credit costs more than five pounds in real money. Again,
      perhaps the HDF might subsidise, or partially subsidise, such hits?

      Hmm. . . I'd assumed that the flagship magazine underwrote this offer in
      some way, but you are suggesting otherwise. Although I could probably handle
      sending 5 free issues to a coupon holder, I would be concerned that it could
      encourage people to start games and then drop out once the free-ride is
      over. Diplomacy games can do without that sort of thing. Maybe this wouldn't
      be a problem, but could anybody with flagship contacts find out what there
      drop-out rate is once the free time expires?

      >Flagship did suggest that we might care to contribute to the their
      discount sheet, though. This comes occasionally and is a sheet
      containing various coupons for small free offers with PBM types: two
      extra free turns with start-up and so forth, the fourth to sixth turns
      in a game free, things like that. Could some enterprising editor(s)
      offer a "four free issues plus free Diplomacy and Railway Rivals
      gamestarts" coupon in the same vein? Dip etc. gamestarts may be free
      anyhow, but it would look attractive and competitive on the coupon.

      Hmm . . . Same concerns as above. Free turns with gamestarts sound good, but
      from a Diploamcy GM's point of view you need long term commitment from the
      player. In which case a couple of free issues are neither here no there.
      Perhaps some of us Ed's could offer a free copy of 'zine A with every �10
      sub to 'zine B. Sprouts free with SpOff ??????? SpOff free with Sprouts
      ?????? [I've gone all trembly]

      Mark Wightman
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