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Re: [ukpbm] Cardiff Games

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  • John Harrington
    In message , John and Denny Colledge writes ... Oh I might be able to send the odd copy of
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 21, 2000
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      In message <38FC920D.65CB@...>, John and Denny Colledge
      <dunorroch@...> writes
      >John, Sam Emmett was the chap who replied to me and their address is
      >Cardiff Games, 8, Duke Street Arcade, Cardiff, CF10 1AZ. Remember, Sam
      >was very helpful and suggested that he would put aside part of their
      >shop to be dedicated to the Amateur Postal Games Hobby. Sam was part of
      >the hobby himself at one stage playing United, Railway rivals, and Speed
      >Circuit. He suggested that we could send some samples of games, but a
      >few sample zines might be the best bet, though i would be happy to send
      >him some RR maps. You might even find this as an outlet for your own

      Oh I might be able to send the odd copy of Breaking Away his way....

      >Here's a thought for anyone who wants to help. It was suggested by quite
      >a number of people that we should be trying to get a few more students
      >involved. With the Summer term approaching, this might be a good time to
      >start sending e-mails to the Unis and colleges? It was suggested at the
      >time that the hobby is a good way of keeping in touch with old friends.
      >The main website is:
      >"http://www.scit.wlv.ac.uk/ukinfo/uk.map.html" There is one slight
      >problem however, there are about 200 of them!!
      >Now, it won't cost us anything to do it apart from the time on line if
      >you happen to still pay for your e-mails so do we have anything to lose
      >by giving it a try? Suggestions of how best to approach the subject
      >would be greatfully received.

      Good idea and a chance for one of you "lurkers" to volunteer to get
      involved in the Hobby Revival campaign.
      >Was there any feedback from Paul, (I think it was he who suggested it)
      >about the advert in LOOT? As MfG is now updated, do you feel up to
      >sending out several thousand zines John? If only, eh?

      Yup, primed and ready to go.

      John Harrington
      Fiendish Board Games - makers of Breaking Away, Office Politics and Traffic
      Lights (with The Metric Mile on its way!)

      New Improved URL: www.fbgames.co.uk
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