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Re: The Hobby Development Fund

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  • John Harrington
    In message , Stephen Agar writes ... Hell, I am not going to let Agar outdo me. I ll donate 50
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 28, 1999
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      In message <ZYZwkBAbF+12EwKX@...>, Stephen Agar
      <stephen@...> writes
      >From: Stephen Agar <stephen@...>
      >>Irrespective of whether we get the Hobby Development Fund going again,
      >>are we all agreed that we should propose to the hobby at large that I
      >>take over the Zine Bank?
      >I will donate 50 to the HDF to get us going.
      Hell, I am not going to let Agar outdo me. I'll donate 50 quid too. Do
      we send the money to Nick Parrish? What's Nick's address?
      >John's Novice Package is IMHO far too big. I think all you really need
      >is a short booklet to explain the basics and prevent misunderstandings.
      >I am still using one I originally put together in 1992 and will email it
      >to you if you want.
      Yes, please. Are you going to put it on the Dip

      >I must have placed 15+ adverts over the past 6 years and have a good
      >idea where the best responses come from. I am willing to do this on
      >behalf of the hobby and to take input from others on new places to put

      Have you spoken to Doddsy about his advertising efforts? Likewise I
      think Vick has done some. (Me, I limited myself to leaving copies of
      zines on the seat of underground trains!)
      >>Either way, although I think it is grand and all for the hobby at large
      >>to discuss how *their* money is spent, once the guidelines have been
      >>laid down then we (the people) should elect someone or a team of people
      >>to run the fund. If necessary have elections every year at ManorCon.
      >No elections - please! Hell, we're talking about 100 max and it is a
      >job that sucks anyway. have elections and you need to define the
      >electorate - how to enfranchise people who don't go to cons - and if you
      >elect a HDF person, why not the MfG person, the OGre, the UKVB etc. etc.
      >Just have two signatories and get them to agree to work together.

      Ah, you are proposing something like the pre-1970's Tory election
      process, where a leader emerged after due discussion by the men in grey

      I don't particularly want an election either but there seems to be some
      heat from some quarters on attempts to railroad the hobby so I thought
      some form of semi-formal arrangement might be in order to begin with.
      Frankly I was expecting Nick to be the sole candidate which makes an
      election redundant, unless "Spoiled" gets elected - and I don't think
      Nick is that unpopular!

      The franchise would be the people who contributed to the fund, I guess.
      Requires a bit of book-keeping but as yo can tell I have not really
      thought it through.
      >>That's my two penn'orth for the time being. The Inner Cabal of the
      >>Secret Masters of Hobby Fandom (me, Warne, Oakes, Birks and Dodds) will
      >>be meeting next month at the Duke of Buckingham, continuing our tour of
      >>famous hobby pubs. (The Lamb was the venue for many years of the London
      >>Hobbymeet, and the Duke of Buckingham was the pub we decamped to after
      >>Games Days).
      >Let me know when exactly and I'll come - it's a bout time we revivied
      >the hobby custome of complaining that all the decisions got made at
      >London Hobbymeets.

      Before any conspiracy theorists get their teeth into this, I should
      explain that Warne, Oakes, Birks etc. (collectively known as The Group
      Formerly Known As The South London Mafia) recently decided to meet on a
      monthly basis (last Wednesday in every month) for the purposes of
      drinking beer, taking the piss out of each other and generally keeping
      in touch now that we no longer meet up every Sunday to play games. For
      the record, Challinger (Nottingham), Tringham (Hong Kong), Richard
      Beattie (Croydon) and Siggins (Buckhurst Hill) are also on the Mafia
      invitation list but for various reasons are unlikely to attend as often
      as the others.

      Whilst Stephen's attendance would be welcome at the next Mafia
      gathering, it is worth pointing out that there is an official hobby meet
      at which Mark Wightman, to name but one, can often be found (along with
      Vick, Gihan, Stephen's mate Toby and a few other camp followers from the
      ALOS days). Apart from the fact that the pub where they meet seems to
      have been deliberately chosen to make it as difficult as possible to
      hear each other talk (hey, let's all meet up and listen to a loud
      jukebox!) this is probably a better place to have a debate about what we
      should do.

      >A revised who does what list to act as an Aunt Sally:
      >HDF: Nick Parish. He can run a HDF report in each issue of his subzine
      >in SpOff.
      >Put the Ads in: Nick doesn't want to do this. Therefore, I will do it.
      >But if I am going to do this I think I should be the second signatory on
      >the account so I can write cheques to pay for them. Actually this might
      >work well as Nick has a subzine in SpOff and we talk regularly.

      Fine by me.
      >Receive enquries and send out goodies: John Harrington (who will send
      >out Intro, Dip bit, MfG, + 2 sample zines?)
      OK by me. I can finance this without recourse to the HDF.

      >Additional things needed.
      >Introduction to the Hobby: A short supplement to MfG. I can supply quite
      >a bit of material and suggest that John edits / formats it etc. I
      >suggest it is general and doesn't stress Dip. It can evolve in time as
      >feedback is received.

      There's already a short bit of blurb about postal gaming at the front of
      MfG but I don't claim that it is perfect. I give copies of MfG to game
      shops so we could leave the hobby intro blurb in MfG and have a separate
      supplement available to send out to people who respond to our ads etc.
      >Postal Dip Intro: I need one of these anyway as I get 2 enquiries a week
      >off the Net. I suggest I put it together and send a batch of copies to
      >John. It will plug Springboard as well as mainstream zines.
      >Dip CGS? If needed it is easy to do anyway.
      >Hobby services that need revitalising
      >Zine bank = John.
      >UKVB = Dylan O'Donnell (I have negotiated this with Neil Duncan and
      >Dylan and we will try to sort something out soon.)
      >Game Openings List = Ryk Downes?
      >Anything else?
      >I guess that means that I am apologising for letting Mark wind me up so
      Welcome back. If Kevin Keegan can throw his teddy out of the pram and
      still make it to England manager I guess the hobby can withstand you
      performing several key roles in its "organisation".

      If you or anyone else sends me stuff as soon as they can I can work on
      getting it ready for the PBM Con in April. It may not reach Alex
      Bardy's preferred level of glossiness and sexiness but I think I can do
      something clean and presentable. No gratuitous clip art, Stephen, I

      John Harrington
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