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  • John Harrington
    See, all it took was one post threatening to kill off the mailing list and it has sprung back into life. I thought I d bring you up to date on how the Starter
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2000
      See, all it took was one post threatening to kill off the mailing list
      and it has sprung back into life.

      I thought I'd bring you up to date on how the Starter Pack thingy is
      going. Below is a list of people who have been sent the Starter Pack

      L Bailey
      Alex Beaumont-Jones
      Ginette Beavis
      Paul Bruce
      David Buckley
      Koen de Jongh
      John Dennett
      Jennifer Du Sautoy
      Troy Duffan
      Carol Duggan
      MJ Flavell
      John Gidman
      Larry Gill
      Demis Hassabis
      Andrew Jenkins
      Mark Kellett
      David Kilburn
      Andy LeButt
      Brian Longstaff
      Charles Mayell
      Chris McCarthy
      Edward Miller
      TJ Nando
      David Pearce
      Paul Peters
      Walter Simpson
      JO Sokolowski
      Bill Sooby
      Bob Thompson
      Sandy Toplis
      Dave Tyrrell
      John Wall
      N Wearing
      Evan Williams
      Gavin Young

      Just about all of these have enquired since September 1999. Some have
      "made it" into the hobby.

      Alex's articles in Flagship have probably been the major source of
      recruits, followed by the ad in G3. John Colledge's game shops flyers
      have had at least one success, with a query from a guy who saw a flyer
      in a games shop in Colchester. I didn't realise there was a games shop
      in Colchester ....

      I'm now off to KillerCon in Egham to leave a few more flyers on the
      registration desk and maybe a few sample zines if there is an
      appropriate place to leave them. Mainly I am going to check out the con
      to see whether it is worth organising a hobby presence there next year -
      I left it a bit late this year. It looks like it might be a good place
      to target as it is not a con that has been organised by the postal
      gaming hobby. Likewise I shall be attending TowerCon on the weekend of
      March 24 (in Blackpool). This is the same weekend as MasterCon, but
      there's not much point targeting that con for new recruits as most of
      the attendees will be from the hobby anyway.

      (Links to these cons can be found on our web site. Go to
      www.fiendishgames.demon.co.uk, click on Links, click on Conventions and
      then on KillerCon or TowerCon)

      JC and Alex will be astounded to know that I actually did a bit of work
      on Mission From God last week. I had to reprint it so I did an interim
      update, deleting folded zines mainly. I apologise to all for the MfG
      now being three months overdue. Isn't the PBM meet due soon? If any
      Flagship subbers know the date perhaps they could publish it and that
      will give me a publication date to aim for, because at the moment it
      keeps getting pushed down my list of priorities in favour of GMing my
      own games in BUM and GH, working on the next Fiendish board game and ..
      er .. reading bedtime stories to my kids.

      John Harrington
      Fiendish Board Games - makers of Breaking Away, Office Politics and Traffic
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