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Killercon 2000 - will Jim fix it?

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  • John Harrington
    Now then, now then, now then, howzabout this then guys and girls? (Cue silly yodelling and jangling of jewellery whilst puffing on an oversized cigar).
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 13, 2000
      Now then, now then, now then, howzabout this then guys and girls? (Cue
      silly yodelling and jangling of jewellery whilst puffing on an oversized

      Following the success of our stand at the PBM meet in London why don't
      we blag a stand at KillerCon (details below)?

      It sounds like a good use of the Hobby Development Funds which
      presumably are either sitting in a bank account somewhere mouldering
      away wondering why they haven't been invested in a Technostocks Bubble

      Fiendish Board Games (well one of us at least) are hoping to be there,
      demonstrating and selling our games so if we could get a stall adjacent
      to the Postal Gaming Hobby we could have a fairly impressive display.

      I'm sure if we are nice to that Alex Bardy chap we could persuade him to
      put his formidable rentagob skills at our disposal (I've copied his
      brother on this e-mail cos I'm too lazy to phone Alex) and if nothing
      else it would give me an incentive to finish the now 3-months overdue
      Mission From God.

      I'd like to get Alan Parr along too to demonstrate Fireside Football,
      Traffic Lights (available for only 3 quid from Fiendish Board Games
      etc.) and maybe playtest some of his new designs.

      Lots of possibilities as you can see so if anyone wants to pitch in and
      help either e-mail me directly and/or reply via ukpbm@onelist.com.

      Whilst I am here, anyone going to TowerCon on ... er ... March 24th?
      Pity it clashes with MasterCon in Bognor. I don't see much point doing
      a stall at MasterCon as that will be attended largely by people drawn
      from the Postal Gaming Hobby but I might be interested in having a
      presence at TowerCon in Blackpool if anyone else is interested.

      ------- Forwarded message follows -------
      Here's an update on what's happening at Killercon. If your interest is
      whetted, then frequent updates will be occuring between now and the Con.
      Watch our website, or give me an email.

      KillerCon 2000 is the game convention organised by the Royal Holloway Games
      Society. It is being held on the 4th/5th March 2000 at the Royal Holloway


      (Latest update - 8th Feb 2000)

      * Killer Event
      * Roleplaying games
      - AD&D
      - Bunnies and Burrows
      - Call of Cthulhu
      - Feng Shui
      - GURPS Travellor
      - Live Roleplay (bring genuine rubber swords)
      - Live Roleplay (mystery horror)
      - Paranoia
      * Board games including
      - "Tell us, Baron, about the time you organised a convention..."
      - Nuclear Escalation
      - Once Upon a Time
      - Roborally
      - Settlers of Catan tournament
      * Wargames
      - Fantasy Battle (Warhammer 40k, walk-on)
      - Rebel Yell! wargame
      - Stagecoach! "cowboys and injuns" wargame
      * Trading Card Games
      - Magic tournaments
      - Vampire: the Eternal Struggle
      * Computer games
      - everybody changes every hour on the hour
      * Panels, talks and discussions
      * Guests
      * Traders Space
      * Social Events
      - Fancy Dress Competition
      * Films
      - to be announced


      Of course you can. If you tell us ahead, please give us a short description
      and a contact for you so we can point players in your direction. We'll
      stick something on our website and put you in the timetable. Please make
      sure we know when you will be here - and what other events you would really
      not want to miss. Tell us, also, if you have any special requirements.

      If you can't commit ahead, that's still OK. Just turn up with your written
      description, and we can stick it on our games clearinghouse board. We can
      find you some space, and a time, and the noticeboard should do the rest.
      Some of us understand the Need to Referee.


      Course you can. Contact our organisers to discuss your requirements for
      stand space.


      By road: Come off the M25 at Junction 13, and take the A30 Egham. Go around
      the big loop and across the roundabout along the A30. After the second
      roundabout go up the hill, and Royal Holloway College is on the left just
      after the second footbridge. In the entrance turn immediately right, and go
      along the road past the tennis courts. Park in the carpark on the right and
      follow the signs.

      By rail: from Waterloo or Clapham Junction take the Egham train. From the
      railway station take the Royal Holloway minibus or a taxi to the campus.
      The taxi fare is unlikely to exceed three pounds, and the bus costs 35p: but
      you cannot board the bus without a ticket, and you cannot buy a ticket on
      the bus. We will sell you one, but you need to contact us first. Add 35p to
      your registration fee.

      Other: arrange with Security and Heathrow Approach to land your helicopter
      on the Campus. Our Convention Committee will personally welcome you and
      invite you to discuss sponsorship for KillerCon 2001.

      3 pounds per day. Half price students snd unwaged. 1/3 off for advance
      bookings. Send cheques made out to Royal Holloway Student Union, to
      The convention Secretary, 85 St Judes Road, Englefield Gren, Eghan, Surrey,
      TW20 0DF.

      Telephone enquiries on 01784 431998 or 07970 506908 (mobile and ansaphone).


      There are very limited numbers of rooms at 19 pounds each on-site. First
      come, first served. Also, there are a good number of B&B places nearby.
      Details for these should be soon on the web-site, for you to book. Please
      contact us asap if you require accomodation.

      Be it taking a stint on the reception desk, buying drinks for guests,
      running games, setting up computers, lugging tables or whatever, all offers
      of help will be greatly appreciated.

      Jenny Gould
      jenny@... killercon 2000 secretary
      http://www.onechip.co.uk/jenny 4th / 5th March 2000
      01784 431998 07970 506908 www.gamesoc.org.uk/killercon
      85 St Judes Road, Englefield Green, Egham, Surrey TW20 0DF

      "Share and Enjoy"
      -Marketing Division, Sirius Cybernetics Corporation

      John Harrington
      Fiendish Board Games - makers of Breaking Away, Office Politics and Traffic
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