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Re: One more hand grenade huh, Tom

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  • Tom Tweedy
    In message , mark.wightman@bt.com writes ... Er... Back biting ? You re kidding me, right? I was
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 22, 1999
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      , mark.wightman@... writes
      >From: mark.wightman@...
      >Greetings Comrades -
      >Tom Tweedy <tom@...> wrote
      >>Sorry, John, I must have missed your suggestions. I already do links to
      >other gaming sites from Dip2000. But the fact of the matter is, I don't
      >always get the chance to find lists of new sites. Then there's sites
      >like 'Grapes of Wrath' which I cannot read whatsoever [I'm colour blind]
      >so I couldn't recommend or review it even if I wanted to.
      >Hmm . . . It's nice to see the back-biting return. I know that I should
      >ignore this, but seeing as Diplomacy2000BC is one of the most visually
      >disgusting sites on the web, why should I?
      Er... 'Back biting'? You're kidding me, right? I was only replying to
      John to say sorry. John knows me, and he knows I don't 'back bite'.

      As for taking Dip2000 to pieces... why? Have I stepped on your toes or
      something, Mark? If I have I'm confused, and certainly don't remember

      But one thing I can assure you - dip2000 is not supposed to be visually
      exiting. It's done simply for speed and information. Why would I want
      anything else? I'm not going to put any flashy 'kewl kiddie' stuff on my
      site, because that sort of stuff slows down loading time. And I dislike
      frame sites for other reasons. What is it you want me to prove?

      >Sproutworld http://www.btinternet.com/~mr.sprout deliberately uses red text
      >against a black background to differentiate it from the paper version.
      >Primarily because I find the use of black on white to be a bit dull,
      >especially when viewed on a computer screen. And yes, your 'not quite' black
      >'#000080' type, on a 'not quite' white '#FFFFF0' background qualifies.
      I never mentioned colours I don't think... I just thought it worth
      mentioning to John that I *really* can't read the print. I'm not
      kidding! I'm blind on red, green and browns.

      >Also, your use of cascading style sheets without any attempt to check the
      >browser of the viewer makes your site a pretty much hit or miss affair.
      >Older browsers will just see some barely formatted text, but perhaps that is
      >a kindness, sparing them, as it does, your delightfully naff buttons.
      Heh he - you're sad, Mark. They're not buttons... only background
      images. Buttons are graphics/pictures... and apart from the logo and
      maps... I don't *want* pictures to slow the pages down! Remember? [See
      above]. And, as for older browsers... I deliberately designed my pages
      to be downwardly compatible with older browsers. There's still people
      out there using text-only browsers and suchlike. That's why I don't use
      Flash or Javascript. Do you think I'm stupid because I don't use such

      I use CSS to control the format exactly the way it was intended. I use
      it so as to not *force* my style and fonts on other users/browsers. My
      deliberate simple style was too gross for you, was it? :-)

      CSS is used to 'suggest' font sizes, colour etc. Not force other
      browsers to only see what *I* want.

      If you knew anything about CSS and HTML you'd know HTML is not supposed
      to be used like DTP - i.e. for laying out pretty pictures, tabbed
      paragraphs etc.

      >Oddly enough, I find myself agreeing with you on one point. I don't have
      >enough time to look for Diplomacy related links either. Hence, the absence
      >of a links section in Sproutworld. I will rectify this shortly and you can
      >rest assured that I will be linking to Diplomacy2000BC just as soon as I do.
      >I will also be reviewing it, but I suspect you aren't going to like what I'm
      >going to say about it.
      Oh hell... you're the author of 'Grapes'?! Ah well, I'm sorry, I didn't
      know that. Mainly though because I can't see the red text to notice your
      name. Please accept my apologies but all I truly see is a red
      tinge/smudge on a dark screen.

      Review what you want, Mark, it's not my problem. I can't read it anyway.
      Let me know when I can though and I'll put a link to you.

      >Hugs N Kisses

      Hey, okay... I can recognise sarcasm when I see it.


      P.S. I tried getting on to your site tonight at the address above, but I
      can't get on. Is btinternet having trouble?
      Tom Tweedy
      Diplomacy 2000
      Fax [only in emergency] +44 (0)1494 581276
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