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Re: HDF cash

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  • John Harrington
    In message , Nick Parish writes ... I think Stephen already mentioned this but Tringham has
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 27 9:05 PM
      In message <19990927213345.55326.qmail@...>, Nick Parish
      <nick_parish@...> writes
      >From: "Nick Parish" <nick_parish@...>
      >Just a quickie in response to John's mail. The Manorcon money has
      >definitely all been spent. However as I understand it the old MidCon money
      >just needs (as John says) John dodds and Chris Tringham to somehow get their
      >signatures on the same piece of paper - which i don't think has yet
      I think Stephen already mentioned this but Tringham has handed over the
      MidCon chequebook to John Dodds and has apparently pre-signed some of
      the cheques too. It's now just a matter of Doddsy sending a cheque to
      the new HDF, I guess. We've got 155 quid in the bin so there's no rush,
      I expect.

      >In addition, I seem to recall the Small Furries (or whatever they are now
      >called) saying they would make a small contribution if we got the HDF back
      >and running. Or did I imagine this?
      I think the Small Furries have some HDF money from previous MidCons. We
      were a bit late getting to them for a voluntary donation on the booking
      form but I don't suppose they'd mind a collecting tin on the
      registration desk.

      John Harrington
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