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Re: Measurement

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  • John Harrington
    In message , Richard Smith writes ... Richard, It s a very very fuzzy way of measuring the
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 29, 1999
      In message <002201bee847$82290140$e35e38d4@default>, Richard Smith
      <richard@...> writes
      >Nothing to do with v-v-v-voom or willies. Also nothing to do with photons
      >hitting electrons or thermometers warming up water.
      >Instead, just a wee idea - when polling zine eds for MfG, why not get them to
      >say how many subbers they've got? That way we'd have a (albeit imperfect) metric
      >to guage the success or otherwise of recruitment initiatives (and the hobby's
      >popularity in general).


      It's a very very fuzzy way of measuring the success of otherwise of
      recruitment initiatives, isn't it? There's no way to tell who the new
      subscribers are or how much churning is going on (same number of players
      but subscribing to more zines). Still, it would be an interesting piece
      of information and it can't do any harm to ask for it.

      John Harrington
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