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Re: Fantasy Warlord

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  • John Harrington
    In message , Danny Collman writes ... By all means send off for Danny s booklet. Even
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      >From: Danny Collman <ddcollman@...>
      >In message <dMh$DHAwX7Q3Iwug@...>, John Harrington
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      >>From: John Harrington <johnh@...>
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      >>>From: "P B Harrison" <p.b.harrison@...>
      >>>How do I go about obtaining more information? Send you a DL/C5/C4
      >>>self-addressed envelope bearing how much postage?
      >>If you send 4 first class stamps (don't worry about an envelope) to me,
      >>John Harrington, at 1 Churchbury Close, I will send you the Amateur
      >>Postal Gaming Hobby starter pack consisting of Mission From God (the
      >>listing of gaming zines), some sample zines from the Zine Bank (running
      >>a bit low on supplies so any donations gratefully accepted) and a
      >>handbook explaining what the postal gaming hobby is all about (although
      >>the latter is currently being rewritten so you may have to wait a bit
      >>for this).
      >Conversely, you could send an SAE to me, Danny Collman, 14, Westover
      >Road, Handsworth Wood, Birmingham B20 1JG, and I'll send you a copy of
      >the Introduction to Postal Play that I have already to send out, and
      >which nobody in the Hobby seems to take any notice of. I'm sure that
      >John's will be better than mine when it comes, but a bird in the
      >hand.... etc.
      By all means send off for Danny's booklet. Even if it is aimed at
      Diplomacy I expect much of the information could equally apply to the
      whole gamut of postal games - i.e. explanations of what a zine is,
      deadlines, failure to send in orders etc.

      >It does depend on whether you want information about playing Dip as well
      >- John's 'to come' handbook may ignore Dip. Mine does not.
      Mine will feature Diplomacy. It's still the predominant game in the
      postal gaming hobby and "my" booklet will reflect this (I say "my" but
      I'll be using as a basis the previous efforts done by John Dodds and
      Stephen Agar). Other popular postal games such as United, RR, Breaking
      Away and Golden Strider will also figure prominently.


      John Harrington
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