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Re: Editors needed

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  • John Harrington
    In message , Chris M. Dickson ... I ve already had one letter from a bloke whose earhole we bent asking to be sent more
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 29, 1999
      In message <0JRC4HAfGIK3EwyA@...>, "Chris M. Dickson"
      >>One bloke was so enthused he
      >>wanted to sign up for a postal game there and then.
      >This was good. I dearly hope that I didn't scare the others off, though.

      I've already had one letter from a bloke whose earhole we bent asking to
      be sent more zines from the Zine Bank that run Diplomacy and which are
      like WIMM? I don't know how to tell him there are no zines in the hobby
      like WIMM?

      He also mentioned something about getting advice on starting your own
      zine. I must ask Challinger if he still has copies of Greatest Tips,
      the Novice Zine Editor's Package.
      >>Star of the day was Alex Bardy.
      >Absolutely. When does the Pimley Award nomination season open? Not that
      >you did a bad job yourself, though, John!
      I actually showed admirable restraint. I can rabbit for England but
      Alex was on such a roll that I let him get on with it most of the time.

      >>If we can get the go ahead we should do something similar for the Mind
      >>Sports Olympiad. The ethos behind the MSO is very much competitive, so
      >>if we were to grab a place at the Olympiad then we would have to run
      >>some serious tournaments. I quite like the idea of a World Champion of
      >>Breaking Away ....
      >We have always had a date for that - 21st to 29th August 1999, but as of
      >about Monday we have a location for this as well. London Olympia,
      >playing on the clever Olympia/Olympiad connection, you see. If it's of
      >interest, there's going to be a Gipf tournament this year - a two-player
      >abstract game beloved of Stephen Tavener et al - and I don't think it
      >took a vast deal of persuasion. Being able to provide a tournament
      >director, all equipment and prize money may well be enough to get one
      >in, especially if you mention the key phrases "no luck involved" and
      >"second most popular postal game in the country". Ish.
      Once again it clashes with my annual holiday. I must remember next year
      to book it at a different time.

      Of course you don't need me there in order to have some sort of postal
      gaming presence.

      >On another matter, I have been stuck in bed for the last two days with a
      >stinking cold. However, today I have been well enough to read a pile of
      >zines and I have a feeling that what hobby members really want, though
      >they may not be prepared to admit to it, is not so much new members of
      >the hobby but more new zines to read. Perhaps we should be concentrating
      >our efforts on inspiring people to start (sub-?)editing? I feel that the
      >hobby is reasonably receptive and encouraging to such ventures; there
      >will always be some negativity, but positive comments outnumber negative
      >ones by at least seven or eight to one, which should surely be enough to
      >mollify even the most inflated of egos.

      God save us from more sub-editors. Personally I'd like to see more of
      them strike out on their own so we'd have a wider variety of zines with
      smaller content and higher frequency. But I've already moaned about
      this previously.

      In the last few weeks I've noticed more zines going online. Over the
      week-end I hope to update the Fiendish Games Links/Zines sections (from
      memory the URL is www.fiendishgames.demon.co.uk/links/zines/zines.htm)
      to include For Whom The Die Rolls, Minstrel, Ryk Downes and his amazing
      93 zines, Girlie Installation (aka A Little Original Sin) and Sprouts of
      Wrath. I should probably add Bluesmobile and SMEG to that too. Oh, and
      GIT (which could do with a somewhat sexier front end, but then couldn't
      we all!)
      >So, er, when will GIT 19 come out? Real soon now. Honest. Probably
      >another 2-3 weeks after I recover.
      >PS Excellent postscript: did you see today's episode of Countdown, the
      >2500th broadcast of the show? The winner was one Keith Loveys and he got
      >the win by a tie-breaker Conundrum after nine rounds of normal play
      >couldn't separate them. The crucial Conundrum was SADDENING which led to
      >a 62-52 win over an excellent, multiple-time champion, opponent. Don't
      >say that the postal hobby never teaches you anything.
      Birks warned me Loveys would be on and was speculating whether Keith
      would be sitting there, fag in one hand, pint in the other, shirt
      buttoned up too tight, slurring his answers. In fact, Keith's famous
      slur might have helped him win the game.

      "Give us your answer please, Mr. Loveys".


      "Did you say synchronicity? Very good, especially as it's got 13
      letters ..."

      Whilst I am here may I give an unsubtle reminder to editors that the
      Zine Bank is once again almost empty. Please give generously!

      Send zines to 1 Churchbury Close, Enfield, EN1 3UW

      John Harrington
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