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Re: Zine Poll Result

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  • John Harrington
    ... with the most subscribers will win every time! ... more votes than zine B with 15/20 subbers - even if you assume ... __________ I ve not got any problem
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 26, 2005
      --- In ukpbm@yahoogroups.com, "Bruce Edwards" <kactusjak@n...> wrote:
      > Imho - the votes will, eventually, drop to a level where the zine
      with the most subscribers will win every time!
      > Thus, zine 'A' who has a circulation of 30/40 people should gather
      more votes than zine 'B' with 15/20 subbers - even if you assume
      > not all the players vote.
      I've not got any problem with an inherent bias to zines with big
      circulations. Punters voting with their subs is probably more
      significant than voting in a poll.
      > Most editors sent out forms, but, like deadlines, I expect many
      missed their chance to vote by waiting until the last minute then
      forgetting! (Hangs head shamefully)
      With e-mail now virtually universal, it should be easier than ever
      to vote. Maybe I need to get a mailing list of people who have
      voted in the Zine Poll and send them reminders; I did that for the
      2003 poll and rustled up an extra 8 or 9 votes that way.
      > However, if players do vote, and someone (ie John) is willing to
      act as teller, then why should the poll not continue?
      > The only question I would have is whether the scoring system
      should be reconsidered, given the small number of voters?? Although,
      that leads back to my original point... the zine with the biggest
      circulation should (in theory) get the most votes however you score

      If I do run the poll again this year then I will change the voting
      system. There can hardly be anyone - even editors - who sees 10
      zines these days! Something like a top 3 should suffice, though we
      might need to retain some sort of weighted matrix (i.e. variable
      pts. scored per position depending on how many zines a voter votes
      for) to ward off the prospect of ties.

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