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ManorCon thoughts

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  • fiendishgames
    David Norman has just sent out a reminder for ManorCon via the uk-con- news Yahoo group, and I have duly sent off my cheque for this hugely enjoyable and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 19, 2003
      David Norman has just sent out a reminder for ManorCon via the uk-con-
      news Yahoo group, and I have duly sent off my cheque for this hugely
      enjoyable and efficiently run con. As I did so I was thinking to
      myself that it would be bloody handy if they accepted PayPal so I
      could book online. Am I, for once, ahead of the wave on this or are
      lots of you out there using PayPal? If the postal hobby survives the
      rest of the decade then within 2 or 3 years I can see this becoming
      the standard means of subscribing to zines.

      This little snippet caught my eye.

      > If you have already booked, then you will have received a Food
      > Questionnaire. Please can you complete it and return it if you have
      > already done so. Due to the refurbishment of the kitchens, this
      year we
      > have to pre-order the exact number of each meal required. If we go
      > people go hungry. If we go over, ManorCon has to pay for the
      > which will mean higher registration fees next year.

      Makes one long for the Fast Food kiosk at RamsdenCon! I don't wish
      to sound like a well-known hobby Liverpudlian but this does sound a
      bit like another instance of the University's legendary attitude
      of "thanks for 20 years of filling our coffers (in advance) whilst we
      think of new ways to inconvenience you". Moving MidCon away from the
      Royal Angus did wonders for the hotel's attitude when we finally
      returned but it also proved that other venues are not necessarily any
      better; still, it would be nice to give it a try one year, wouldn't
      it? Are there not other universities who might be more eager for our
      business? What about the YMCA?

      The good news is that this year the con will have some bottled real
      ale. The bad news is that it will almost certainly run out 3 hours
      after the con opens like the decent beer always does. Ah yes, I
      remember the delights of spending almost a whole week-end "enjoying"
      the "lager of Lamot"; which ManorCon was that? (Answer: all of them)

      Sorry, I seem to have slipped in to Mark Boyle mode there for a
      second. Genuinely, I do appreciate the committee's efforts to sort
      out the drinking situation and if the real ale does not run out on
      the Friday I will cheerfully buy them each a glass of something

      A warning for child-phobic attendees!

      I shall once again be bringing along number one son (aged 13), which
      means I will once again be looking to offload him on to Geoff Brown &
      Gordon Sweeney - sorry, did I just say that out loud? One of the
      consequences of getting my son into board gaming is that he has had
      as much of an effect on my gaming habits as I have had on his, which
      means I am redsicovering the joys of rolling dice, moving armies
      across the map and pointing fingers at other players whilst
      saying, "What are you attacking me for, he's winning!" If anyone
      else has a hankering for this non-Teutonic style of game (e.g.
      Warrior Knights, Shogun, Star Wars - Queen's Gambit, even Francis
      Tresham's Civilization if you catch me in the right mood) then get in
      touch. I'm already booked in for a session of G.E.V. with Tony
      Dickinson; hope he's got proper tanks to play with!

      If you do, at some point, get lumbered with playing in a group
      featuring number one son (it's OK, he's polite to everyone except his
      parents and, on occasions, Geoff Brown) then try to get your revenge
      by joining us for the evening meal and persuading him that putting
      two chillis in your mouth and biting down hard is a good idea. Hard
      to believe that this lad's favourite band is The Red Hot Chilli

      Further information on ManorCon is available

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