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Grunge Yoof.

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  • Paul Scott
    Hi Everyone, Have you seen the Easter Bunny yet ?? (You have to believe you know) ... a) Allan who ? b) Yoof ? Yoof ?! Actually I agree. Add to hobby ,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 1999
      Hi Everyone,

      Have you seen the Easter Bunny yet ??
      (You have to "believe" you know)

      >[JC]Allan has entered the debate over the name of
      >the hobby. (Sigh!) He feels the title "The
      >Postal Hobby", though I suspect he means "The
      >Postal Games Hobby" is prosaic and stuffy and
      >lacks dynamism. "To today's yoof (who surely
      >must be the target), hobbies relate to
      >basket-weaving, flower-arranging, and the like.

      a) Allan who ?
      b) Yoof ? Yoof ?!

      Actually I agree. Add to "hobby", "postal games"
      and you've successfully evoked an image of nerdy
      village prosaicia.

      Trouble is try thinking of a fun & dynamic name
      that says in cool words "PBM". Tricky. The best I
      could come up with was "Postal Warriors".

      >[JC]Allan then goes on to suggest that "....the
      >Think Tank needs to make up its mind as to the
      >style of approach. Is it to be dignified (as though
      >assuming to be talking to intelligentsia)?, or
      >hard-selling with more universal appeal (in other
      >words dumbing-down!)? If the latter, there
      >might well be a case for making the publicity
      >material more graphic than reams of words --- even
      >to the extent of producing almost a Superhero-type
      >comic telling the story of what the subject is all
      >about and what the newcomer can expect".

      Why does something have to be "dumbed down" to be
      brightened up ? Is there some universal media
      equilibrium formulae we have to satisfy ??? Make it
      graphic and intelligent. Then it will reflect,
      accurately the hobby.

      >[JC]...comic strip style.Come to think of it, this
      >could work really well if instead of one hero,
      >we had two. Grunge Yoof and Old Gadjee his uncle.
      >Naturally Old Gadjee would be able to use his
      >worldly wise experience to show the young
      >whippersnapper who was boss! This could well be
      >worth looking into as we can cover all ages.
      >Comments please!

      This sounds brilliant. A lot of fun & very effective.
      However, it is to my mind a great idea for a yr 2000

      Where are we at now ?? In so far as I can make out
      we're targeting student assoc's (presumably a trial
      selection ?) With a poster or flyer ? Are we ? Has
      work started ? Further, we're planning an ad campaign.
      Have we decided on a format ? Also how close are we
      to completing this novice package ? I was to circulate
      a targetting questionairre, but the response was so
      muted to even the idea of the thing it hardly seemed
      worthwhile. Is it ? Editors, would you carry it in your
      next issue - would players return them to you with
      their orders, would you return them to me, would it be
      worth it ??? Rant rant Rant !!!!

      I don't mean to hassle anyone, but we seem to have
      lost our way ???

      Paul Scott.

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