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Re: Message from Paul Simpkins

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  • Danny Collman
    In message , Bishop, Howard N writes ... All these things are
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 1, 1999
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      Bishop, Howard N <hnb24565@...> writes
      >From: "Bishop, Howard N" <hnb24565@...>
      >If you stick enough fishing lines into a pond, you're bound to catch
      >..... As Eric Cantona would say
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      >> Sent: Wednesday, March 31, 1999 6:49 PM
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      >> Subject: [ukpbm] Message from Paul Simpkins
      >> From: Stephen Agar <stephen@...>
      >> This is an email I received from Paul Simpkins. John - could you send
      >> this guy something. Thanks.
      >> **********************
      >> Today I received a letter from Michael Kassai, 17 Windsor Close, Heanor,
      >> Derbyshire, DE75 7TD which was addressed to Postal Games Association, 35
      >> West Park Street, Dewsbury and enclosed a cheque for 1.
      >> This is the address I left just after the birth of my daughter (15 years
      >> ago). I have lived at two addresses since and the people who bought my
      >> old house have also moved on. How it arrived at my address I'll never
      >> know. I blame the PO.
      >> This guy needs recruiting into the hobby. I suggest you make a big thing
      >> of it and trumpet that the flyer in the (15 year old) box works.
      >> I'll destroy his cheque...
      >> ***********************
      >> --
      >> Stephen Agar, Brighton, UK
      >> www.diplomacy.co.uk

      All these things are wonderful - but what is actually being done to
      recruit this fellow into the Hobby? We have his name and address... has
      anyone actually sent him any information about the Hobby? If no-one else
      has, I'd better do it myself: Introduction to the Postal Hobby.

      Is there anyone out there who wants to see a copy of this booklet which
      Gibson's have been sending as standard to Flyer responders for around 5
      years......it has, of course, been updated regularly. It has
      contributions from myself, Agar and Tringham,
      Danny Collman, Birmingham
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