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August Diplomacy events

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  • Chris M. Dickson
    [For optional publication in postal zines, though I don t think it s of much interest. Sent to tournament-organisation folk Vick, Toby, Neil and Jeremy;
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 1999
      [For optional publication in postal 'zines, though I don't think it's of
      much interest. Sent to tournament-organisation folk Vick, Toby, Neil and
      Jeremy; copied to the ukpbm mailing list because it will interest Dip
      'zine readers, even though it doesn't directly concern 'zines per se.]

      Dear Vick, Jeremy, Neil, Toby and ukpbm readers,

      I recently invited David Pritchard (Games Games Games writer, Mind
      Sports Olympiad director of games and miscellaneous good egg) to OxCon
      at The Queen's College in Oxford this weekend. Unfortunately he's not
      able to make it there. However, he has said that he will be recommending
      one-day Dip and Settlers events to take place at the Third Annual Mind
      Sports Olympiad in much the same style as the OxCon one-day events.

      This causes potential problems. If MSO3 happens, which is an "if" of not
      inconsiderable size and one which will not be resolved until at least
      March and probably not finalised before June, the projected dates are
      the 21st to 29th of August. This includes the weekend of 21st/22nd
      August and the weekend of 28th/29th August.

      Looking at last year's Dip tournament tour schedule, last year's
      SpeccyCon was on the 16th of August and last year's London Trophy event
      was on the 5th of September. I don't know if it is considered that the
      Mind Sports Olympiad should be allowed to play a part in the one-day Dip
      tournament tour schedule, but I'm mentioning the possibility now.

      It might be nice for any one-day Dip tournament that the MSO runs to be
      given as much credibility as any other one-day Dip tournament in the UK,
      but this will inevitably depend upon it being given support by the
      players, by the tournament organisers and by high-profile editors. If
      people decide that they want to do this, I wonder if we could agree to
      give the MSO tournament a little breathing space by shifting the dates
      of any Basingstoke and London tournaments taking place this year so that
      players wouldn't feel overloaded by having 3 tournaments in 4 weekends?

      Now I know it's not my place to suggest when Dip tournaments should and
      shouldn't take place as I don't even play in them myself, but I'd like
      to bring the possibility to people's minds six months in advance just in
      case you decide that you want to arrange things in order to recognise a
      tournament taking place at the MSO.

      All best wishes

      | Chris M. Dickson, Middlesbrough, England; Sports Editor, Flagship Magazine
      | Maintainer, ukgs-l and ilta lists; http://www.ox.compsoc.org.uk/~dickson/
      | Editor, "Games In Testing"; UK Game Show Page; chris@...
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