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749Promoting the hobby at the MSO

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  • Mark Stretch
    Sep 2, 2001
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      I was at the MSO last week running various events and promoting the hobby,
      particularly with the learn and play new games section. Lots of people
      enjoyed the German games and hopefully we will get some of them along to
      future events I have names & addresses if anybody wants to mailshot them
      with con details or zines etc.

      Numbers were down overall, but the hobby games were fairly high up. In a
      rough order of precedence:
      Scrabble (55), Poker (54), Chess (53), backgammon (34), Bridge (32), Go
      (25), SETTLERS (24), ACQUIRE (23), Shogi (21), Boarderline (20), LOST CITIES
      (18), so we are becoming one of the bigger sections there.

      Does anyone have any suggestions about how we can improve the hobby presence
      at next years MSO?

      A couple of suggestions are:
      a) A games library as with the learn and play new games section this year
      all week
      b) A stall selling German style games ( a lot of people were interested in
      buying some of the games we tried this year)

      Other ideas are welcome.


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