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706Re: [ukpbm] Digest Number 275

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  • John Harrington
    May 7, 2001
      In message <LAW2-F59vyqunlHsjki0000d46b@...>, Nick Parish
      <nick_parish@...> writes
      >John H, just to let you know that I did as you ask leave some flyers
      >politely requesting MfG reviews out at Baycon, and got a big fat zilch in


      Thanks for trying.

      > I did say on the flyer that if there wasn't time to scribble them at
      >Baycon they should send them to you, and I gave your address, so who knows,
      >you might get something in the post. Not all the flyers were still there at
      >the end of the con, although the others might well just have been used for
      >recording the Victor Ludorum scores...

      Nice to know they might have been useful for something!


      John Harrington
      Fiendish Board Games - makers of Breaking Away, Office Politics and Traffic
      Lights (with The Metric Mile on its way!)

      New Improved URL: www.fbgames.co.uk
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