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63Re: Trying to be positive

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  • John Harrington
    Mar 6, 1999
      In message <199903011341.NAA22115@...>, "Wightman,
      Mark, WIGHTMM" <mark.wightman@...> writes
      >Novice Package / MFG
      >[John's MFG is a magnificent effort so, please do not take this a criticism
      >of it.] Unfortunately, being yearly it is almost immediately out of date.
      >Especially now, with 'zines droping like flies. Some of the United 'zine
      >entries leave a lot to be desired too. Which leaves me thinking that,
      >perhaps the whole thing is a little too big. If I think that just imagine
      >what a newbie might think. OK. They could be impressed by the size of the
      >hobby, but unless they read through the whole thing then it's pot-luck which
      >'zine they try (if any). If they pick a folded one . . .

      It doesn't have to be yearly. Initially I was going to go for quarterly
      but this is definitely more than I can manage. Half yearly should be
      doable though and that is the target I am setting myself. I positively
      seek kicks up the backside if I am overdue. Frequent reminders that
      Railroad Tycoon is not that good a game should have a positive effect.

      >My suggestion would be to split it up. Place the 'United' only 'zines in one
      >section and everything else in another. Have both documents refer to one
      >another and ask respondents to specify their preferences in the advert.
      >More work for the editor, I know. You can have my help, John. If you want
      >it, but please understand I know very little about United. [Dons flame-proof
      >underwear and awaits the United players wrath].

      Previous MfGs had a separate section on United. I would not argue that
      the two constituencies are almost entirely divorced (the big difference
      in my experience is that the United players are less interested in
      football than the non-United players!) but my own preference is for the
      two to think of themselves as one hobby. I think integrating the United
      zines in to the main body of MfG is one way of encouraging this view.

      Here's an idea though. In the next MfG I could have a section at the
      front covering the major postal games and list which zines run them.

      The major games in my view are Diplomacy, Railway Rivals, United,
      Breaking Away, En Garde!

      If we are going to put flyers in to 18xx games then 18xx should be
      included too. Personally I think all-reader games and quizzy type
      things (El Gordo, By Popular Demand) are not worth specifying as "major
      games" although they are undoubtedly popular.

      I've got about 83 other hobby discussion e-mails to respond to so I'll
      end here.

      John Harrington
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