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629Re: [ukpbm] Please read now - I need your input - thanks

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  • Stephen Agar
    Aug 2, 2000
      In message <20000802113036.23015.qmail@...>, N Chilton
      <niclists@...> writes
      >--- John Harrington <johnh@...> wrote: > In message
      ><000c01bffa38$1155a000$40149fd4@sholing>, Richard Smith
      >> >I also mentioned collecting content - many game rules circulate as low-grade
      >> >photocopies which can't be OCR'd, so some poor sod has to type it all in. In
      >> >general we need to get zine eds to cough up whatever rules they've got
      >> >electronic versions of, particularly originals, like Allan Stagg did
      >> >recently when he sent Word versions of his originals to various zine eds.
      >> >
      >> All good ideas but I can't see anyone volunteering to do all this work.
      >> If we believe it is worth doing I suggest we try and raise funds through
      >> the hobby to pay someone to do it.
      >If it can't be OCR'd then VRD (Voice recognition Dictation) it. Some of the
      >good software is available on PC mags cover discs (they tend to be the lower
      >versions i.e. work with Word, or it's own text editor - the higher versions
      >control your whole machine). Then instead of resorting to type it you can just
      >read it out aloud.

      Although I have hundreds of Diplomacy variants, I have not
      systematically kept non-Dip postal rules.

      I will scan or PDF any sent to me at my postal address - 47 Preston
      Drove, BRIGHTON, BN1 6LA. Obviously if anyone has some electronically,
      then just email them to me.


      Stephen Agar, Brighton, UK
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