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628Re: [ukpbm] Please read now - I need your input - thanks

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  • N Chilton
    Aug 2, 2000
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      --- John Harrington <johnh@...> wrote: > In message
      <000c01bffa38$1155a000$40149fd4@sholing>, Richard Smith
      > >I also mentioned collecting content - many game rules circulate as low-grade
      > >photocopies which can't be OCR'd, so some poor sod has to type it all in. In
      > >general we need to get zine eds to cough up whatever rules they've got
      > >electronic versions of, particularly originals, like Allan Stagg did
      > >recently when he sent Word versions of his originals to various zine eds.
      > >
      > All good ideas but I can't see anyone volunteering to do all this work.
      > If we believe it is worth doing I suggest we try and raise funds through
      > the hobby to pay someone to do it.

      If it can't be OCR'd then VRD (Voice recognition Dictation) it. Some of the
      good software is available on PC mags cover discs (they tend to be the lower
      versions i.e. work with Word, or it's own text editor - the higher versions
      control your whole machine). Then instead of resorting to type it you can just
      read it out aloud.


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