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622Re: [ukpbm] Please read now - I need your input - thanks

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  • Richard Smith
    Jul 30, 2000
      Stephen: > >>I'd certainly welcome ideas. I'd welcome "copy" even more.
      > >>
      > >>
      John: > >I can't remember if someone has already suggested it or done it,
      but how
      > >about putting postal rules to games on there?
      > >
      Stephen: > Great - I will put up any I am sent.

      Any views on the points I raised in my message entitled "postal game rules"
      dated 18/07/00??

      To summarise these were:

      What do we do about copyrighted commercial games? Is a disclaimer that
      someone should own the game OK?

      I suggested intially putting links to sites sporting rules, as Adrian
      Walding has done at


      This would ideally later be replaced by an "official" rules bank held on
      Steven's site, preferably consistently formatted (the rules on my site
      http://fp.sholing.f9.co.uk/ are a complete dog's dinner in this respect -
      some are nicely presented with a few piccies, and others are just imported
      Word files that look pretty knob, especially when tables were tabbed text
      rather than proper tables in the original).

      I also asked if there should be a tie-in with Tony Reeves' Directory of
      Postal Games.

      I also mentioned collecting content - many game rules circulate as low-grade
      photocopies which can't be OCR'd, so some poor sod has to type it all in. In
      general we need to get zine eds to cough up whatever rules they've got
      electronic versions of, particularly originals, like Allan Stagg did
      recently when he sent Word versions of his originals to various zine eds.

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