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62Re: Trying to be positive

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  • John Harrington
    Mar 6, 1999
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      In message <rJwswDAz3v22EwEq@...>, Stephen Agar
      <stephen@...> writes
      >That said, I agree that MfG goes out of date very quickly. Maybe every 3
      >months John could just delete folded zines and add new ones? Then do a
      >small print run for newcomers.

      I am constantly amazed at the amount of work MfG is. If 20 or so zines
      would fold or not run so many games it would make my life a lot easier

      Having said that, I think I could manage one every 6 months. That would
      still get out of date, especially as there is often a 2 month period
      between editors sending in their stuff and me finally getting MfG out of
      the door, but (adapting Stephen's idea slightly) I could produce MfG as
      the handbook and then produce bi-monthly appendices which announce folds
      of zines in MfG and add details of new ones which aren't.

      Of possibly more interest is continual updating of MfG on the Fiendish
      Games web site (URL at bottom of this mail). This would only extend to
      those zines with which I trade (which will hopefully be most of them
      soon now I am the Eddie George of the Zine Bank) and would still be done
      in fits and starts.

      John Harrington
      Fiendish Games - makers of Breaking Away, Office Politics, Devil Take The
      Hindmost and Traffic Lights
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