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469Re: Doom & Gloom.

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  • Tom Tweedy
    Mar 1, 2000
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      In message <x$SKdDAftZv4EwVN@...>, Stephen Agar
      <stephen@...> writes

      Hi Steve,

      >A couple of years ago I would have been volunteering to do most anything
      >to help the postal hobby - but not now. If you get along and do
      >something off your own bat in the email hobby, no one slags you off for
      >it. If they don't like your website, they don't visit.
      I don't want to get into the debate of whether the PBM hobby is alive or
      dead... to me it's just a case of getting your fun where can you find
      it. Some people will still enjoy the zine scene [I do myself and still
      subscribe to a couple] some won't.

      Mind you your last sentence doesn't support your argument about not
      wanting to contribute and getting slagged off for doing so [although I
      do know what you mean], because if people don't like you they can stop
      subbing to your zine as well.

      >That said, one little thing I've done for the FtF hobby recently is
      >create a NDC website: http://www.ndc-uk.org
      Careful... you've contributed again - you might still get slagged off
      for not doing enough. :-)

      >Interesting that lots of old postal Diplomacy GM's are now resurfacing
      >on Tom Tweedy's Diplomacy 2000 website, to GM email Dip games. I think
      >site's like Tom's is where the postal Dip hobby will migrate to.
      Yes, and to be fair to the PBM hobby for contributing a lot of the 'old
      sweats' I've made a section / advert specifically to point some of my
      ftf 'newbies' back to the postal side and conventions. I do think it's
      an important for some email gamers to see there's a greater part of the
      gaming hobby. To tell you the truth, Steve, quite a few of the old
      timers came to dip2000 through you! Our latest sign up was Andrew Hain.
      Thanks very much - you're doing a great job.

      All the best.

      Tom Tweedy
      Diplomacy 2000
      Fax [only in emergency] +44 (0)1494 581276
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