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468Re: Doom & Gloom.

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  • Stephen Agar
    Mar 1, 2000
      In message <20000301075713.87631.qmail@...>, Paul Scott
      <dipfreaky@...> writes
      >From: "Paul Scott" <dipfreaky@...>
      >I think the description of this list should be altered to A notice-board
      >for the UK play-by-mail hobby, or something similar.
      >I think Stephen is right in several ways. Most likely the hobby is
      >irrevocably doomed, so is mail, paper, stamp collecting etc. I also think
      >hes right in saying wed need just four to mount a last stand, though six
      >would be better.
      >Look, there is no doubt what so ever that I will die; but Ill make my life
      >as long as poss. Likewise, though this hobby will surely die, why give up?

      In many ways I agree with you - honestly.

      But as a hobby we have never managed to get our act together since the
      mid-70's. If we couldn't do it in the good times, I can't see it
      happening in the bad times.

      A couple of years ago I would have been volunteering to do most anything
      to help the postal hobby - but not now. If you get along and do
      something off your own bat in the email hobby, no one slags you off for
      it. If they don't like your website, they don't visit.

      That said, one little thing I've done for the FtF hobby recently is
      create a NDC website: http://www.ndc-uk.org

      Interesting that lots of old postal Diplomacy GM's are now resurfacing
      on Tom Tweedy's Diplomacy 2000 website, to GM email Dip games. I think
      site's like Tom's is where the postal Dip hobby will migrate to.

      Stephen Agar, Brighton, UK
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