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  • Theo Clarke
    Nov 25, 1999
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      Yes, I am still subscribing to the list. I have been quiet because of
      the demands of liquidating Chart International Limited and
      establishing Playing Games Limited.

      The flotation of Chart International Group plc failed to achieve the
      minimum subscription so we had to return the monies that were
      received. Without the cash injection, Chart International Limited
      lacked the capital to continue its distribution business and the
      directors chose to put it into voluntary liquidation.

      I bought the three new companies that CIG had formed to
      implement its plans and I assumed their liabilities. Their only
      assets were agreements to buy three shops.

      I also bought the business of SFC Press and assumed its liabilities
      for pre-paid magazine subscriptions and event fees to ensure that
      G3 subscribers, Midcon registrees and Furrytales registrees got
      what they paid for. Carol continues to produce the magazine and,
      as you all know, Midcon took place normally. SFC Press is now
      incorporated as SFC Press Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of
      Playing Games Limited.

      Playing Games Limited also owns Playing Games Retail Limited,
      which holds the three shop agreements. Maurice Criddle is the
      Managing Director of PGRL and we bought The Guardroom shop in
      Dunstable on Monday. We complete the purchase of Not Just
      Stamps in High Wycombe on Wednesday and expect to complete
      Playin' Games in London WC1 in January.

      I made a private offer of shares in Playing Games Limited to some
      potential investors and the company is now owned by 40 gamers.

      Chart Hobby Distributors Limited (which I also own) is currently
      dormant and is not trading with any shops so we have no
      mechanism to distribute leaflets to shops, except through the
      magazine (which already includes an advert).

      The Guardroom and Not Just Stamps will both take leaflets to
      distribute to customers.

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