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  • John and Denny Colledge
    Nov 4, 1999
      Hi folks! Just a quick word to let you know that I have received another
      three offers of assistance from games shops. Playin' Games of London and
      Lingards Games of Colchester and Norwich have all taken 300 leaflets and
      each of them will be showing a poster as well. Lingards in Colchester
      have even offered to keep photocopying when they run out, which is jolly
      decent of them. Hopefully with the run up to Christmas we will begin to
      get a bit more feedback from these.
      John H. Still no sign of the revised leaflet and I haven't heard about
      the leaflets for Theo so I have copied 300 of the old ones and will take
      these plus some posters with me tomorrow. I see from the list that you
      are going so perhaps you could take a new one of each with you?
      Hope to some more of you there.


      PS. I may have discovered why there was no mention of the HDF on the
      Midcon flyers. Theo doesn't appear to be on this list anymore. Steven,
      can you tell from your end if this is the case or not?
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