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  • Sian Reeves
    Sep 1, 1999
      From: Tony Reeves

      I called in to Cardiff Games yesterday to try and buy Lost Cities. I had heard of the Hawker connection (ashamed to say I never got around to subscribing) and it turns out that the proprietor is Hazel's brother. he was more than willing to put a copy of John's Introduction to Postal Gaming on the notice board and was enthusiastic to help the pbm Hobby. He is developing a Games Room downstairs and has a very decent stock of boardgames.

      The Compendium of Postal Games is developing steadily (although I gather that Part 1 failed to make the journey through cyber space intact in a number of instances - can anyone confirm that it DID arrive okay?) and I have typed in the details of about 100 games for part 2. I would be delighted to receive reviews on GAMES in much the same way that John H. collates reviews on ZINES. The wider the range of conributions the better.
      I am really at sea as far as a good number of games go insofar as I haven't played them (or even heard og them in some instances). I will compile a list of these with my next plea for help - coming your way soon.
      In order to keep my information up to date I would be grateful for any information on folds,
      of the recent batch I know of Fungus, Winter Retreat, SNOT and Rhubarb Rhubarb. Are there any more?

      Watch this space for news of BreCon 2000.

      Tony Reeves

      From: John and Denny Colledge[SMTP:dunorroch@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, August 31, 1999 07:51
      To: Hobby Revival
      Subject: [ukpbm] MSO and MfG

      From: John and Denny Colledge <dunorroch@...>

      Just a few quick words about the MSO. Apologies for the delay. Busy busy
      busy! I dare say Chris will have a few more to pass on when he returns
      from holiday.

      Mark and Chris appear to have been passing out leaflets and the Novice
      Package, (Danny's version?) and as John Wilman and Mark Wightman were
      there, there were a few copies of The White Cat and Sprouts on the go as
      well. Mark has passed on addresses of half a dozen people though doesn't
      make it too clear what he expects us to do with them. Presumably they
      were given leaflets so
      hopefully they will contact John H. The usual stuff can then be sent on
      when new copies of MfG are available. It sounds as if most of them are
      Oxford Uni bound so I will pass the addresses on to James Pinnion.
      Jeremy Tullet has also taken the details with a view to asking them if
      they are interested in playing at Midcon.

      It sounds as if a number of people who passed by were showing an
      interest along the lines of "I used to be interested but couldn't get 7
      players together". Mark didn't take details sadly, but if he returns
      next year he aims to grab those who make similar enquiries. He also
      feels that there would be scope
      for taking a wider variety of zines and passing them out so we can think
      about that for next year. Perhaps we should think about a special run of
      MfG as well or time a run just before the MGO?

      I had to laugh when Mark mentioned that they had a rather shaky start to
      the tournament. Apparently there were no Dip boards and someone had to
      go t o Hamleys to get some! I wonder if they had hobby leaflets in them?

      Mark wonders if it would be worth revamping the Hobby News flyer. John
      Dodds used to do one, didn't he? Most zines have a Hobby News section of
      some sort in them so I'm not convinced myself, but what do the rest of
      you think?

      Since typing this, Mark has said that he will be donating the income
      from his article to the new HDF. He doesn't mention how much that is,
      but all donations are grateful received.

      I see John H. has returned. Hope you had a good holiday John. No doubt
      you would see me mention that I had sent some leaflets to a couple of
      games shops? Well, in view of the lack of MfGs I decided against sending
      out the 1,000 to Cardiff Games just yet. The last thing we needed was a
      pile of folk writing in and not getting the goodies we promised or
      having to wait a while before they received them. I have however sent a
      few to Eurika Mind Games of Market Rasen. I'm not convinced that we are
      quite what they are looking for and they certainly are not what I
      expected, however, anyone who says "Beware the siren voices intimating
      the demise of print, the printed word is important", can't be all bad
      from The Postal Games Hobby's point of view. As it is, we now have more
      than a 1,000 leaflets out there being distributed. Perhaps you could let
      me know when MfG is ready John and I will start writing again. I will be
      away for a fortnight beginning 11th Sept so hopefully things can get
      back into some sort of order by then? While on the subject of MfG, is
      there anything any of us can do to help you with it? I noticed that
      there were a number of e-mail addresses missing when I was taking
      details for sending out the last letter to everyone and you may not have
      heard that Rhubarb Rhubarb has folded. The Hawkers appear to have some
      connection with Cardiff Games by the way. When MfG is ready, your first
      contacts should be our small furry friends at Chart, and Carl Bown, as
      they were good enough to offer to distribute our leaflets months ago.

      Well, I don't think there is much else to say at present so tarra re
      noo! -- John

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