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262Re: The next step?

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  • John Harrington
    Jul 4, 1999
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      In message <199907011821_MC2-7B90-3D2E@...>, Tony Robbins
      <101234.1602@...> writes
      >From: Tony Robbins <101234.1602@...>
      >John H's Starter Package booklet is excellent. However, I would suggest
      >that you don't use Eamon Bloomfield/Spire Games as a contact. I understand
      >from David Watts that Eamon has been unwell for some months, and Spire
      >Games 'may not be promoting the game at all ... or folding the game (plus
      >all the others) completely' [quote from a letter received by Alex Bardy,
      >reproduced in Mango #8, which arrived today]. One correction - there's
      >over 100 RR maps around (page 5); three typos I spotted - p.9: Bus Boss -
      >not as popular *as* RR; p.13: Pimley *Award*; p.14: Ratings - discussion
      Aargh! As mentioned elsewhere, I've already gone to print. Luckily
      John Colledge spotted the omissions Tony mentions above (and I also did
      a few proof reads of my own - I like to leave it a few days if I can
      between proof reading).

      I'm sorry to hear Eamon has not been well. Without him the UK board
      gaming scene would be very very different - we'd all be rolling dice and
      looking at charts, playing games that takes 6 or 7 hours. OK,
      eventually someone would have discovered German games I guess, but so
      far as I am aware Eamon was the trailblazer.

      As for RR, quite simply it cannot be allowed to die. I'll send Eamon an
      e-mail and see if he would be prepared to sell it to Fiendish Games
      although from what I heard, the money David Watts was asking for the
      "franchise" was prohibitive. Not so much the money as the fact he was
      insisting on including all kinds of paraphernalia in the sale - storage
      units and what have you.

      Maybe a licensing deal would be more appropriate. Anyway, that's not
      really the problem of this board.

      John Harrington
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