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261Re: The next step?

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  • John Harrington
    Jul 4, 1999
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      In message <atngJGANHre3EwE0@...>, Stephen Agar
      <stephen@...> writes
      >From: Stephen Agar <stephen@...>
      >I am familiar with all the magazines you mentioned - indeed I buy them
      >most months. I am willing to place the ads. provided we don't have a 3
      >month discussion on how to word the adverts. Indeed, I used to vary the
      >wording to see if some were more effective than others.

      I say, go ahead and do it.

      >Are we going to have a meeting to discuss these things at ManorCon?
      We could do, although one big meeting might not be productive - could be
      entertaining if Steve and Mark W. are both there though.

      I can't believe I am about to suggest this but if we do have a big
      meeting I suggest we have a strong personality as a chairman, an agenda,
      a set time limit for each discussion point and an over-riding aim of
      getting back to the beer and games as quickly as possible! I don't want
      to spend more than an hour on this and, at the risk of being accused of
      acting in secret, would prefer a series of informal chats over beer with
      anybody who can be bothered to seek me out.

      I'm not sure how this would work - maybe through a flyer on the
      registration desk saying "the following people are involved in the
      campaign to promote the hobby. They would be happy to listen to your
      views over a beer."

      Ugh. All sounds a bit makeshift, but I feel in my heart of hearts that
      it is all going to come down to a group of half a dozen people getting
      off their arses and doing it, and it is up to those half a dozen people
      to be responsible and do "it" in a way which does not rankle too many
      people. Put another way, the half-dozen should canvas as many opinions
      as they can but then be trusted to act without having to get a rubber
      stamp from the hobby every step of the way. Kind of like MPs (probably
      the worst example I could have chosen!)

      John Harrington
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