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254Re: The next step?

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  • Stephen Agar
    Jul 1, 1999
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      In message <199907011821_MC2-7B90-3D2E@...>, Tony Robbins
      <101234.1602@...> writes
      >From: Tony Robbins <101234.1602@...>
      >Finally found time to stop lurking and start posting!
      >It's good to see that the amount of traffic on this list is steadily
      >increasing; I will assume that the threat to close it down was just an
      >incentive for more activity.


      > As an earlier correspondent wrote, any
      >promotion of the pbm hobby is a *good thing*, and all the effort going
      >towards this must be applauded.
      >I would add a No. 6 to the Top 5: we need an effective means of
      >communicating what's going on in the hobby (not only for newcomers, but for
      >old stagers as well). Given the number of players, GMs and editors with
      >email access, this list has the potential to provide it - but more people
      >need to sign up (or be signed up?).

      As the list owner, I can sign people up for this list - but I am loath
      to do it. Maybe I should invite them with personal emails instead... I
      don't think we need more than one list.

      Stephen Agar, Brighton, UK
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