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252Re: The next step?

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  • Tom Tweedy
    Jul 1, 1999
      In message <atngJGANHre3EwE0@...>, Stephen Agar
      <stephen@...> writes


      >On the Dip side, I can
      >exercise a reasonable amount of influence via the Pouch and my own web
      >site (which gets a fair amount of traffic) - but ideally we should link
      >up with a US person, as there is no point pushing US people into UK PBM
      >zines if they can get a better and easier service in the US. Maybe Jim
      >could assist and Jim, John H, Emeric and I could devise an Internet
      >strategy - and act together to synchronise links.
      Some of the US subbers who found DIB stayed because they thought the UK
      hobby was 'friendlier'. There is no reason why our hobby can't be
      considered 'quicker and easier' as well. Especially if we turn to the
      email side of gaming - as you're doing - to help us.

      It's possible a lot of UK gamers already log on to US links, simply
      because there *are* more US sites with high profiles. How many UK sites
      are there with high profiles? Sites/links that can easily be found. If
      you tried typing 'dalmatian' into any search engine a few months ago all
      you would get would be American sites. That's just an example, and it's
      obvious why, the Americans have had greater access to email/the internet
      for far longer than most gaming enthusiasts over here. I say target the
      US sites and see what happens.

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