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251Re: The next step?

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  • Tom Tweedy
    Jul 1, 1999
      In message <377A94E5.5201@...>, John and Denny Colledge
      <dunorroch@...> writes

      >Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but I feel that the number of
      >people who have actually been prepared to do anything so far would
      >suggest that we might be better tackling these one at a time rather than
      >spreading ourselves too thinly in an attempt to do everything. I suspect
      >spreading ourselves too thinly would lead to things being done in a half
      >hearted and fairly inefficient fashion. What is the general view?
      You're the ones doing the work, John [and I have great respect for
      people that can take on such a thankless task in the first place - I'm
      too lazy], I think it's up you to decide [see, passing the buck
      already]. My personal opinion though - if I were doing it - would be to
      tackle them one at a time to make sure the ball keeps rolling. Apathy
      can kill something like this quickly.

      >Here are a few suggestions from myself. As I said earlier, I am aiming
      >to draw up a questionnaire for those who attend Manorcon. One of the
      >questions will be to ask for suggestions of games shops who might be
      >prepared to give out our leaflets when they sell games. They might even
      >be prepared to put up a poster in their shop for us. Now, those who
      >suggested Leaflets/Posters didn't say if this included Libraries and
      >Supermarkets, but I suspect that we are better to go for Games shops
      >first, working on the basis that you try to get hold of people you know
      >are actually interested in games. Seems obvious. We can after all, come
      >back to the Libraries/Supermarkets option later.

      Libraries are a must. Gaming clubs, like chess etc. Schools would be a
      good idea - get 'um young, I say. Hell, if gay people can post leaflets
      outside schools, why not gamers? We don't lurk that much. Well, alright,
      *some* do, but...

      As for shops [supermarkets, game shops, etc] I think that'll be just hit
      and miss [some will, some won't] don't rely on them, but take what you

      >If Alex doesn't give us the go ahead to use his Introduction, we need to
      >set up a new one, (any volunteers?),or pinch Alex's anyway - with
      >reference to himself of course! We also need to decide if we do or don't
      >want cartoons and if we do, what sort? Allan and Mark are wonderful
      >cartoonists, but it might be useful if they were given a bit of notice
      >to prepare something.
      When presenting information to intelligent people [and most gamers,
      believe it or not are] I hate *too* much flashy artwork. So if you're
      having cartoons, make it just one, please. A good one I saw once [I
      think it was in the original '72 Rulebook] was 6 players lying over a
      diplomacy board with knives in their backs, while the 7th sat there with
      a grin on his face. Trouble is... you really need a *gaming* advert I

      If you can't think of a good one... steer well clear would be my advice
      - intelligent people tend to hate being treated like children [even
      though most of us are! :-) ]. 'Information' is our prime target.

      >Finally, the Internet. Most people don't really know a) how best to use
      >it, and b) if it all goes horribly wrong, (or should that be horribly
      >right?) could we be swamped? I suspect that Students could be added in
      >here as well. As I mentioned some time ago, most Student organisations
      >have their own web sites these days and they are easily accessible. I
      >mentioned Emeric's site a while back but got no reaction. I came upon it
      >quite by accident a couple of days ago and left a message. He says he is
      >happy to help.
      The web/email *is* a good source for advertising, but you must abide by
      the rules, beware of spamming. It is easily the most hated subject in

      It *can't* go 'horribly wrong', as you mean it. If we get 1000+ people
      [doubtful anyway] so what? We either cater for them or someone else can
      [new zines starting up etc]. The worst that can happen is they hear
      about us and then drift away to other gaming links [which *we*
      advertise]. Either way we get them hooked on one game or another.

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