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1370Re: Condolences to the Family of Tom Tweedy

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  • Jim Burgess
    Dec 26 4:24 PM
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      Hi all, I'm presuming that others closer to Tom may also want to post
      on this, but I thought this list should know that Tom passed away on
      Christmas Day, surrounded by his family. There will be more
      information posted in the Message Board on his Diplomacy 2000 site,
      which will continue after his passing. His widow has asked how many
      Diplomacy players might be attending his funeral, details to be
      planned. You can E-Mail Matt Dunlap at funeral@... for details
      on the funeral, or memorial@... to leave memorials.

      I knew Tom had been sick for some time, but I had not known it was so
      life threatening. Best wishes for a Happier New Year for all of you,

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