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1362One Man's Recycling

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  • Chris M. Dickson
    Sep 18 12:54 AM
      This is, sadly, an increasingly relatively frequent comment in a
      low-volume group, but space pressures force me reluctantly to part
      with much of my 'zine collection. Many old postal games 'zines are
      available in return for just the cost of postage and packing; should
      nobody be interested, I fear that they will have to be recycled. (I
      feel awful saying that, especially if it's a 'zine that you produced.
      I certainly intend to keep sample issues of every 'zine I saw, and
      several issues of some of my favourites. Sadly I will have to cut
      things down to one box or so.)

      My collection is made up of pretty mainstream stuff, mostly from
      between 1998 and 2002 or so. I can't imagine there would be anything
      sufficiently unusual to interest the 'Zine Archive and fear that
      moving house means I won't have the time to engage in a scanning project.

      I don't claim to have anything like complete collections for most of
      these and would be happy to look up issue numbers if required, but I
      think I have pretty complete collections of The White Cat, Underneath
      the Mango Tree, SNOT, The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword and PBMzine,
      most of Where Is My Mind?, BUM, Up Around The Bend and the Armistice
      Day Newsletter (the latter of which is available online) and smaller,
      spottier quantities of TCP, Borealis, Greatest Hits, Ode, Serendipity,
      Spring Offensive, GAME, Smodnoc, ALOS, Bloodstock, The Sprouts of
      Wrath, Pigbutton, Cut and Thrust and Flights of Fancy.

      Many thanks to the editors who have provided me with such fine
      entertainment over the years!
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