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1349Clearing out my attic

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  • smothen
    Aug 19, 2006
      Under some pressure, I have spent some happy hours clearing boxes
      which have moved between various attics over the last few years, and
      it is finally time to let some old zines go. If anybody would like
      to save them from the recycling bin, please contact me.

      I assume that somebody still runs a zine archive, but I have lost
      track of who it is, so I apologise for sending this to the whole

      The available zines are:

      Veni Vidi Vici 34 to end
      Smodnoc 20 to 62
      The Cunning Plan 11 to 52
      Age of Reason 10 to 25
      Home of the Brave 111 to 127
      SNOT 6 to 23
      One Man's Rubbish 1 to 30
      On The Game 1 to 40
      BUM 92-114
      Flights of Fancy 66 to 76


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