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  • shaun derrick
    May 10, 2006

      Forgot to mention, I am extending the £2 discount offer, so please use the 'Quick Send' payment button (the first one on the E-shop) to enter a non-standard amount of £34.45 for one game.



      Hi all,

      First, let me apologise for sending a mass email to everyone last time. I should have Bcc's everyone instead of 'spamming' the lot of you.

      Just to let you know that my World Cup Game is now available and I can now take online CC payments through Nochex.

      See www.gamesfortheworld.co.uk

      All positive reviews so far from those who have bought and played the game. That makes me happy!!

      BTW I will be at this weekend's Beer & Pretzels in Burton on Trent just for the Sunday 14 May. So if anyone wants to try the game out and even buy one avoiding the p&p, I will see you there. If you don't know about the Beer & Pretzels weekend, then see http://www.spiritgames.co.uk/bnpdetails.php



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