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1318Re: [ukpbm] Zine Poll

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  • Peter Sullivan
    Nov 27, 2005
      Bruce Edwards wrote:

      > I haven't been around the zine scene that long but would like to thank
      > John for arranging, organising and counting the Zine Poll over the
      > last few years.
      > Imho, I think the time is right to stop the poll, as it seems there
      > are fewer zines around - and so it is likely the ones with the highest
      > readership will be the ones scoring best.

      To me, the main reason to stop the Zine Poll is simply the lack of
      voters, rather than lack of zeens. Anyone who does want to put a case
      forward for keeping it going needs, IMHO, to suggest how to address that

      > I guess the same is true for MfG too, so thanks again to John for
      > keeping up (as best he could) with all the zines starting and folding
      > while trying to write something about the zines to try and attract new
      > subbers!

      I'm not so sure the case for stopping Mission from God is as strong.
      Firstly, it doesn't have such a need for "critical mass" as the poll -
      really just a keen editor plus a few hangers-on to contribute outside
      reviews is all it takes to keep it going. And it's a useful resource,
      even if not for as many people as it used to be. Regardless of new
      blood, I can see it being of interest for returnees - of which there may
      be increasing numbers as the old guard of the 1970s come up to
      retirement (early or otherwise) and idly enter "postal diplomacy" into a
      web search engine one day...

      Peter Sullivan <peter@...>
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