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1213RE: [ukpbm] Re: the "Badly Written" rule

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  • Howard Bishop
    Oct 3, 2003
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      I've never GM-ed diplomacy, but I am playing in my first couple of postal
      games. As a recent newbie I have to agree that I almost gave up when I got
      screwed over a slight misspelling and a missed build order, which
      essentially put me two units back out of five. It's difficult enough with 6
      players trying to kill you, without feeling that you're fighting the rules
      as well. GM's should use a certain amount of discretion, especially with
      wet-behind-the-ears players.

      I think it's fair to say that as long as the adjudicator makes it clear what
      their policy is from the start, players can choose which games they want to
      play in.

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      >I don't think the GM should do ANYTHING except enact the orders as written
      >by the player.
      >If the player makes a mistake, so be it, unlucky, play better.
      >They should be an adjudicator and not have any other role.
      >F(Bul) - Con when it is an army should fail.
      >Bul - Con should succeed unless the house rules require that the type of
      >piece be correctly named.
      I must admit I agree entirely here. Although I do give help to newcomers
      in 1901.

      Tom Tweedy
      Diplomacy 2000

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