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1211Zine Poll 2003 form

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  • fiendishgames
    Oct 3, 2003

      May I just interrupt this fascinating discussion about badly written
      orders to encourage the diminishing band of zine editors to download
      the Zine Poll voting form and distribute it with their zines, please?

      I've even done it in RTF to placate the Mac users.

      As soon as I "get my PC sorted out at home" [(c) John Harrington,
      1997] I'll do a PDF version too.

      Some of you may have already received voting forms via For Whom The
      Die Rolls and this form is much the same but with slightly different
      wording regarding eligility of electronic zines, which I might as
      well expand upon here.

      Last year there was confusion about the Web Site poll, with some
      people voting for the likes of Serendipity, The Blue Nose Special and
      Devolution in the Zine Poll and some voting for them in the Web Site
      poll. It's difficult to come up with a hard and fast rule to
      differentiate between e-zines and web sites but in essence if the
      zine can be sent via e-mail or downloaded from a web site then it is
      eligible for the Zine Poll. If it can't then it should be voted for
      in the Web Site poll.

      As mentioned above, Serendipity, TBNS and Devolution are all
      classified as zines this year, as is my own A League Of Our Own.
      There may be others. There's still at least 2 months of the year left
      so there is plenty of time for Stephen Agar to fold and start up 4 or
      5 zines and if they are available for download from
      www.WWIreference.co.uk or similar then Steve's zine will also be
      eligible for inclusion if he bangs out the requisite 4 issues in
      2003, even if he does not run any games.

      Likewise, Outbreak of Heresy will also be eligible if it has
      published 4 times this year; perhaps Steve & Nick would like to
      confirm whether any of their organs (fnrr!) have seen the light of
      day 4 times this year?

      The main change from last year is that editors are not allowed to
      vote for their own zines. Sub-editors may vote for the zine in which
      their subzine is hosted.

      May I finally remind you that nominations for the Les Pimley award?


      P.S. Electronic votes to zinepoll@..., please. The old
      fiendishgames.demon.co.uk has finally bitten the dust.
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