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1208Re: [ukpbm] Re: the "Badly Written" rule

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  • Tom Tweedy
    Oct 3, 2003
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      In message <bljfrs+hsp2@...>, Mike Dean
      <mike.dean@...> writes
      >In reply to Bruce,
      >The PSYCHOPATH house rules actually do state that the GM should be
      >informed of deliberate misorders, and that badly written orders
      >where the meaning is clear WILL be interpretted as such. So if you
      >order F Bul-Con when you have an army, and you don't state that it
      >is an intentional misorder, the GM should simply move your army!
      >Of course, this means that it is obvious to the other players that
      >you deliberately misordered. But so it goes....

      Then your saying we lose the deliberate misorder tactic then Mike,
      right? Hmmm... seems a bit draconian. Are you sure you're a 'lenient'
      GM? :-)

      >I still reiterate - why do you need a human GM if you are going to
      >be so dogmatic about how people should submit orders and that their
      >abbreviations should be absolutely correctly spelt or they misorder.
      >If that's your view - go play on the JUDGES! A bit of pragmatism is
      >called for here and I will always maintain that a good GM will show
      >pragmatism when it comes to interpretting orders.

      Because human GMs CAN help... but not to interfere. Human GMs can help
      when players go down sick; go off to war [which has happened on
      dip2000]; and when catastrophes hit, as it did for September 11th. Just
      not for orders.

      >On psychopath, and I am sure it MUST be true of Dip2000 and other
      >sites too - we have a number of players whose first language is NOT
      >English. This means that I have often seen orders which instead of
      >putting the usual abbreviation for a province on the board clearly
      >put something which is an abbreviation of the province name in the
      >language of the person submitting the order. What is any reasonably
      >minded GM supposed to do in those circumstances?

      I agree we have to be careful with some abbreviations, YES. I've had
      players from the Balkans who HAVE put Rom for Rumania... simply because
      it's modern spelling is now Romania. But on the whole I've found most
      foreigners speak, and write, better English than me!

      >IF we follow Malcolm's view - they should be misordered - and hey,
      >guess what? The player thinks SOD THAT for a lark, NMRs, anarchies
      >and never returns!

      If they leave that easily then they probably didn't like the game anyway
      Mike. When I came back into the hobby and ordered a few screw-ups [my
      brain wasn't properly in gear and I had Richard Hucknall as my GM], I
      just pulled myself together and concentrated more to get my orders

      Tom Tweedy
      Diplomacy 2000
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