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1205Re: [ukpbm] Re: the "Badly Written" rule

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  • Tom Tweedy
    Oct 3, 2003
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      In message <001101c38923$a63297a0$a8b1a43e@tinypc>, Bruce Edwards
      <kactusjak@...> writes
      >The point I would like to make is the situation where the player is
      >deliberately trying to mislead his neighbours!
      >Taking Mike's example - if I ordered F Bul > Con when it was actually
      >an army, I would probably be rather put out if the Army was moved when
      >my intention was to pretend to Austria or Russia that I was pulling back!

      That's exactly why Nick Kinzett says it's GM intervention.
      >So if I was to order:
      >F Bul > Con
      >Mike would move my Army but if I ordered:
      >F Bul > Con (deliberate misorder)
      >then Mike would see my intention is to deceive - and not a mistake in
      >writing the order!!

      Writing 'deliberate misorder' every time simply defeats the object of
      the tactic though doesn't it.
      >I think it would be good if GMs were to point out errors to players,
      >especially new players! You can't learn from your mistakes if you don't
      >know what mistakes you made!!!

      Yes but most badly written orders are just sloppy ordering - things like
      Bul-Con; or not specifying a country when supporting that country's

      Tom Tweedy
      Diplomacy 2000
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