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1204Re: [ukpbm] Re: the "Badly Written" rule

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  • Malcolm Cornelius
    Oct 3, 2003
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      on 03/10/03 13:50, Shaun Derrick at shaun.derrick@...

      > I am more lenient and will follow orders so long as the intention is clear;
      > and errors by players are very few and far between.
      > GM intervention is *necessary*! So long as the GM advises players of his
      > 'House Rules' on what he will and will not accept, there should be no problem.
      > The more lenient GM's will have a much easier time than those that aren't!

      Absolutely you need to know the parameters you are playing under, I think I
      said what the GM will or won't do should be laid down in the HR, but I don't
      think that we should put any rule in that makes deliberate misorders
      impossible or obvious ...

      > F(Bul)-Con if it was an army would mean the army moves to Con. If the player
      > wanted it to be a misorder, then he should have read the house rules!

      So how does he misorder it ? You won't let me misspell the province or
      mistype the unit - Bul - Arm fooling no-one ?


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